Muslims See White Couple Eating Ham Pizza, Make Them PAY For Their ‘Sin’

Pictured: A stock image of a couple enjoying a pizza together (left), surveillance footage shows the brutal beating of a white couple (right)

On Friday night, conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity to discuss the devastating consequences of allowing throngs of unvetted refugees into Western countries. Then, in a twist of cruel irony, the issues that she presented were demonstrated in living color just hours later, when a gang of Muslims saw a white couple eating ham pizza and proceeded to make the infidels pay for their “sin.”

On Saturday night, a Danish couple was eating a pizza topped with ham outside of a restaurant in Silkeborg, Denmark, when a gang of up to five Muslims suddenly attacked them. The Muslims asked if there was pork on the pizza, to which the native couple answered yes, and the assailants proceeded to throw their food on the ground. This developed into a scuffle, and the 24-year-old female victim apparently now risks permanent hearing damage after a severe blow to the head.

Mid and West Jutland Police describe the main offender as about 175 cm [just under 5 foot 9 inches] high, ethnic origin other than Danish, and wearing dark clothing. Police are also looking for four other persons who participated in the attack. So basically they are looking for a Muslim gang.

To BT, Police Commissioner Bent Riber Nielsen confirms it has been explained that the perpetrator asked about the contents of the pizza, but he has no further comments. [Source: Speisa]

The crime perfectly exemplifies what conservative commentator Ann Coulter said just the night before:

“Suddenly a young man of other ethnic origin rushed towards the young woman and hit her in the head so that she has subsequently lost the hearing [in] one ear. Right now we do not know whether it is a permanent hearing damage!” wrote the mother of the male victim in a Facebook post, according to Speisa. “He then takes a stranglehold on her and shouting that she sure as hell should not eat pork on her pizza.”

It should be noted that even after her son and his girlfriend had been assaulted by these monsters, this Danish mother apparently felt as though she could not call a spade a spade. Her word choice — “a young man of other ethnic origin” — speaks volumes. Likewise, authorities described the suspects as having an “ethnic origin other than Danish.”

An innocent woman is sitting in the hospital with a serious hearing loss, and still, the Muslims who brutalized her just for eating ham pizza are the ones being protected. Barack Obama and his pal Angela Merkel, both who are to blame for the refugee crisis, would be proud.

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