Muslims IRATE When They See What’s Plastered In Wisconsin Store Window

Muslims IRATE When They See What's Plastered In Wisconsin Store Window
Woodman’s Markets in Wisconsin

Shoppers arriving to get some groceries at the local Woodman’s Markets in Wisconsin on Tuesday were met with a surprise at the door that left them in utter disgust. Muslims were sent a clear message they didn’t seem to appreciate, and sympathizing shoppers sided with them, even going as far as to alert the local news station.

The state’s Fox affiliate had nothing more pressing happening that day, so they rushed down to the town of Oak Creek to cover what was evidently an injustice to the sizable Muslim community in the town. Someone had taken matters into their own hands since nobody else would, and the store allegedly didn’t know about it until cameras and a news crew pointed it out to store personnel.

Right at the store entrance, in the middle of a large wall that advertised community announcements, some patriot plastered their own sign, detailing a code of conduct of sorts for Muslims in America who are seemingly trying to bring their culture here, where it doesn’t belong. In bold black marker, it reads, “MUSLIMS — Dress, speak, conform to USA standards, or don`t come to the USA, or get out.” It concluded with a sign off from “The People.”

Muslims IRATE When They See What's Plastered In Wisconsin Store Window
“Offensive” sign in Woodman’s Markets

The fact that this store is just down the street from a Sikh Temple that was hit with a “bigoted” attack three years ago in 2012, only added fuel the fire, and the sympathizers in the area have only embolden Muslims. “This is not good. Wow,” one Woodman’s Markets customer whined to Fox 6, when asked for a response to how these “hateful” words on a piece of paper made them feel. “If I had seen it, I would have asked, ‘Why is that up? Why do they have that up?'”

With news crews on the scene, demanding action to what everyone is calling an “anti-Muslim hate crime,” store officials immediately ripped it down, insisting they were unaware that it was there until they were basically put on blast about it. Since it was posted on a community board, it wasn’t necessarily placed there by a Woodman’s employee. Anyone in Oak Creek could have put it up, but nobody is claiming responsibility for it.

“I think that is offensive. Especially here in Oak Creek, after everything that happened with the (Sikh) Temple and the controversy,” another customer complained, referring to the August 5, 2012 incident in which an alleged white supremacist murdered six in the temple, before turning the gun on himself, Milwaukee SunTimes reported.

Muslims IRATE When They See What's Plastered In Wisconsin Store Window
Sikh Temple shooting in 2012

What happened at the temple is reprehensible, but the outrage over this simple sign three years later is over the top. People have become far too sensitive to other people’s innocuous use of the First Amendment, when it goes against their beliefs on any given issue. A paper sign with black letters is not inciting violence and isn’t going to hurt anyone, except for Muslims who want to live in our country and not conform to our way of life, while imposing Islam on everyone around them.

Whoever wrote this has a right to their opinion, and they make a valid point. Any Muslim, coming to America on the claim that they’re here to experience our better way of life, would welcome and adapt to our culture. If they want to change it, they should have stayed where they were or they should go back to their people. Otherwise, it’s clear that their only intent in being here is to systemically make America just like the Middle East. We don’t have to accept that and need to stand up against it.

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