After “N-Word” Story Pushed By Media, Black Americans Deliver Nasty Surprise

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Over the last week, the liberal media has been reporting on Omarosa Onee Manigault-Newman’s claims about President Donald Trump. They want us to believe that there is a tape with the president using the N-word. As they push the idea that our POTUS is a racist, news has come out from the black community.

For days, the media has been pushing the “N-word” drama, based on Omarosa’s claims. (Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, WIN MCNAMEE/AFP/Getty Images)

For generations, black Americans have been told to vote for liberals. They have been convinced that the only people who care about their well-being are those in the Democratic Party. It’s so embedded in their identity that black conservatives are treated like outsiders or traitors.

But the facts don’t lie. Democrats have done nothing to help black Americans. Cities with large black populations, run for years by Democrats, are some of the worst in the country. Democrats allow rampant crime, drug abuse, and violence to flood the streets. They do nothing to improve the quality of education for black children, nor do they do anything to bring in much-needed jobs.

Democrats have burdened black communities with toxic social programs. Welfare, food states, and government housing have not helped end poverty — but increased it. The government will only give just enough to you so you don’t die, but never enough to help you thrive. Thus, Democrats have ensured that millions of black Americans are dependent on them to survive.

That’s not to mention the crime bill former President Bill Clinton signed in the 90’s that severely punished black Americans accused of crimes. It has led to mass incarcerations of black people, depriving them of their liberty and families.

When Donald Trump announced he was running for president, the left pushed the same, tired lies. Because he was a conservative, they wanted us to believe Trump was naturally against black people. That narrative flew in the face of years of support that he showed to the black community. Not to mention the adoration many prominent black Americans showed Donald Trump.

Today, the left is panicking. For the last two years, unemployment among black Americans has been plummeting. President Trump has brought back jobs, slashed taxes, killed regulation, and prevented illegal labor from stealing work. That has resulted in massive gains for our economy. Americans of all stripes are thriving. That includes black Americans.

It comes as no surprise that as this is happening, liberals are pushing the racist hoax yet again. Former Trump ally Omarosa Manigault Newman has appeared on TV, claiming Trump used the N-word. She has no proof, and the tape of it surely doesn’t exist. But the media pushes it as fact, in the hopes of slandering the president.

It doesn’t seem to be working.

A new poll released on Wednesday from Rasmussen Reports revealed that President Donald Trump’s approval rating in the black community is exploding, almost doubling from a year ago.

The poll showed that nationally the president’s job approval rating is split with 49% approving and 49% disapproving.

When it came to how black voters felt about Trump, Rasmussen found a surprising 36% approved of Trump’s job performance — even as mainstream news outlets have ratcheted up racially-charged coverage of the president. [Source: Daily Wire]

For years, many have said that if Republicans got just 30% of the black vote, Democrats would never win an election again.

This explains why liberals have been fighting so hard over the last few years. They have pushed one ridiculous hoax about Trump after another. They knew his policies would win over Americans. Rising employment and wages are convincing enough black Americans that Trump is the real deal.

Right now, approval among black voters for Trump is at a whopping 36%. That’s unheard of for a Republican president. Those numbers spell certain doom for Democrats. They will be suffering for years to come.

That’s enough of a change to Republicans to clinch every major election. If enough black voters realize that Trump and his party are working for them, they’ll never vote Democrat again.

You can argue this all started because of Kayne West’s vocal support of the president. That certainly caused many young black people to look at the president in a different light. Add to that the strong economic improvement, you have a major sea change.

This report will only compel the left to become more extreme in their opposition. Already they accuse Trump and his supporters of being racist Nazi’s. Now that more black Americans support him, the left will completely lose their minds. But it’s much too late for them to change anything.