Nancy Calls Border ‘Manufactured Crisis,’ Angel Parents Destroy Her With 1 Photo

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At her weekly press briefing on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stood by Democratic claims that the border issue is a “manufactured crisis” created by Republicans and President Donald Trump. Her remarks were like a dagger in the heart for angel parents D.J. and Wendy Corcoran, who promptly went on live television to destroy the Democratic leader.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (left), D.J. and Wendy Corcoran (right) (Photo Credit: Shannon Finney/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, Screen Capture/YouTube)

At her weekly press briefing on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stood by Democratic claims that the border issue is a “manufactured crisis” created by Republicans and President Donald Trump.

Pelosi was asked if she would still describe the border issue as a “manufactured crisis” to people who have lost relatives to overdoses from the drugs flowing into our country, or to families that have lost loved ones to crimes by illegal immigrants, like Corporal Ronil Singh’s family.

“What I would say to families like that is what I would say to the president regularly,” Pelosi said on Thursday. “These are tragic situations. There’s a tragic situation at the border. Two little children died in the custody of Border Patrol but the plural anecdote is not data.”

“And as painful and as horrible one death is, whether it’s the corporal or whether it’s the children, but the fact is we have to have public policy that secures our border and what the president is proposing will not eliminate those possibilities,” she added.

To those who have actually lost loved ones to illegal immigrants, however, Pelosi’s words are like a knife through the heart. Angel parents D.J. and Wendy Corcoran joined Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Thursday evening to discuss the death of their son Pierce, who was killed by an illegal alien.

“It really ticks me off, when I see Pelosi acting like a 3-year-old and saying that it’s fabricated,” said D.J. Corcoran, spokesman for the Knoxville Fire Department. “Ms. Pelosi, this is our son, this is Pierce Corcoran. He is dead. His death is real. His death is real. It’s not fabricated.”

“He died at the hands of an illegal immigrant,” added the distraught father. “We’re upset about that. We feel that the government owes the American people better than what we’re getting right now. And it really just upsets us when we hear you saying that, basically, that it doesn’t matter. Well, it matters to us.”

The Democrats love to decry the fact that families who enter the U.S. illegally are separated at the border, but they could seemingly care less that American families have been permanently separated from their children, parents, and siblings, who’ve been brutally killed by the dangerous immigrants flooding into our country.

Shouldn’t our lawmakers care more about the safety and security of American citizens than they do about those individuals whose first act upon entering the country is to break our laws? Of course, they should. Our lawmakers should prioritize the needs of American citizens ahead of opportunities for those from foreign countries who have little to offer us here in the United States and who haven’t been vetted before entering.

If our politicians are not ready to put Americans first, quite frankly, they have absolutely no business representing the American people. If they care so deeply about the troubled immigrants from Central America who are crossing our border, perhaps they ought to move to another country and represent the people there.

Sadly, angel parents D.J. and Wendy Corcoran are suffering the consequences of unbridled illegal immigration firsthand. They lost their precious son, and America lost a bright young citizen who undoubtedly would have gone on to accomplish great things. But, according to Nancy Pelosi, this is no big deal.

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