Nancy Goes Nuts, Freezes Impeachment & Demands ‘Fair Process’ – Gets Reality Check

Speaker Nancy Pelosi lost it at her weekly Thursday press conference. The Speaker indicated she is refusing to send the articles of impeachment to the GOP-held Senate until she knows there will be a “fair process.” After reporters attempted to question her judgment, she went nuts. “I’m not going to talk about that!” Pelosi screamed. However, she got a big reality check she won’t ever forget. You’ll love this.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Nancy Pelosi indicated at her Thursday morning press conference that she is holding up the articles of impeachment until she gets the type of process she wants in the Senate. She had the audacity to suggest the GOP-held Senate should adopt the same rules as the Bill Clinton impeachment Senate trial.

Well, that’s rich considering she and Adam Schiff refused to adopt the rules of Clinton’s impeachment for the House. 

“[Democrat Committee Chairmans] discussed the precedent of it all that is in the most recent case taking up an impeachment there was a proposal on the floor put together in a bipartisan way and 100 Senators voted for the process on how it would go forward on the case of President Clinton,” the Speaker said. “We would hope they could come to some conclusion like that.”

Then, reporters attempted to ask the Speaker questions on freezing impeachment, and she went nuts. Nancy Pelosi even suggested we would have a “rogue president.” 

“I’m not answering any more questions on that!” Pelosi shouted as she devolved into a stuttering mess. “We, ah, ah, when we bring the bill…just so you know there’s a bill made an order by the Rules Committee. To pay, for, ah…..the impeachment and then the next step, ah………ah…..whatever you want to call it, the cater, the trial.”

It’s typical of these Democrats to now call for a “fair process.” How dare Nancy Pelosi suggest the GOP-held Senate adopt the same rules for the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton.

Why didn’t she adopt the same House rules as Clinton’s impeachment? We all know Pelosi and her cohorts fabricated rules out of thin air to give them the advantage.

Well, no wonder Nancy was stuttering and stammering. No wonder her brain was freezing. She just got a big reality check.

“[Pelosi] declined formally to transmit the articles to the Senate on Wednesday evening after the House voted to impeach President Donald Trump. Unfortunately for them, the Senate can act, regardless — and would vote to acquit,” Breitbart reports.

That’s because the Constitution is absolutely clear about the Senate’s authority. Article I, Section 3 says: “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments.”

That is all.

The Chief Justice presides over a trial involving the president, but the Senate makes the rules. And the Senate is controlled by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who regards what the House has done with contempt.

Politico outlined Democrats’ new idea, citing constitutional lawyer Laurence Tribe (but, interestingly, not the Constitution itself). Pelosi hopes to pressure McConnell into holding a “fair trial” — this, after she and her party broke every relevant House rule and precedent, and several Amendments in the Bill of Rights, all in the name of their “sole Power of Impeachment.”

They forget that a “fair trial” applies to the accused, not the accuser, and has since 1215.

Set aside, for the moment, that holding onto the articles of impeachment would contradict everything Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and the Democrats have said for weeks about the “urgency” of impeachment. They needed to stop him before he could “cheat in the next election,” we were told — that’s why the House could not wait for the courts to rule on the White House’s resistance to stop congressional subpoenas.

All of that would be exposed as a lie.

If Pelosi refuses to submit the articles of impeachment to the Senate, McConnell can convene the Senate anyway, summon the Chief Justice, and swear in the Senators as jurors. Democrats can boycott, but they can’t stop the trial.

McConnell can then propose to dismiss the charges or even hold a vote to acquit the president. Pelosi can hide the articles of impeachment in Adam Schiff’s basement forever, and it won’t make a bit of difference.

Case closed.

So, the minute the Democrats voted to impeach, their dictator-like reign was over. This was always going to happen, even though Nancy and her cohorts don’t want to accept the reality that the Republicans hold the Senate. So, Merry Christmas to the Democrats and their supporters. The New Year will be controlled by President Donald Trump, and no amount of stuttering and stammering is going to change that.

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