Nancy Panics After Hearing Bombed, Tells Friday’s ‘Star’ Witness To Play Dirty

Nancy Pelosi was visibly shaken today as she answered questions about yesterday’s impeachment hearing. Garbling her speech, Pelosi said, “The president jeopardized our national security. Doing so, I said to the president. You jeopardize our national security? And violated our… his… oath of office.” The Democrats must have a win tomorrow in the impeachment hearing, and they have instructed their “star witness” to play dirty by doing one thing on the stand. Don’t miss this.

Nancy Pelosi (Photo Credit: Youtube/Screenshots)

By all accounts, Adam Schiff’s first public impeachment hearing was a total disaster. There’s no doubt Nancy Pelosi did not want to face the gaggle of reporters for her weekly press conference today, but to cancel after the horrendous hearing would be seen as a total defeat.

Pelosi was suffering from dry mouth, and she guzzled copious amounts of a clear liquid. The 79-year-old Democrat Leader was visibly shaken. You almost felt sorry for her as she spewed impeachment rhetoric that in no way had anything to do with reality. Especially when she starts by claiming yesterday’s hearing was “somber” and “prayerful.”

“On the investigation front, yesterday was a very somber prayerful day. I thought it was a successful day for truth,” Pelosi began. “The devastating testimony corroborated evidence of bribery uncovered in the inquiry and the president abused power and violated his oath by threatening to withhold military aid and White House meeting, in exchange into an investigation into his political rival and a clear advantage of the president, to give himself an advantage in the 2020 election.”

Pelosi’s head was down while reading from a script. She blew through that run-on statement without any emotion at all. Then, she went off-script, and that’s when her speech is garbled as she strains to come up with words.

“Doing so as I said to the president…you jeopardize our national security? Undermine our national security… jeopardize our electoral system…and violated our… his… oath of office,” Nancy added as she takes a big gulp of what looks like water. “What Trump did makes Nixon look small.”

This is the most ridiculous far-reaching statement we have heard so far on this 2019 impeachment scam. What Trump did makes Nixon look small? There really are no words to describe just how desperate Nancy Pelosi has become.

Meanwhile, back to the reality of what is really going on with the Democrats. Friday’s impeachment hearing has become do or die for the Democrats.

Marie Yovanovitch is the Democrats’ do or die witness in tomorrow’s impeachment hearing. You may recall Yovanovitch was fired by President Donald Trump as his Ambassador to Ukraine after it was discovered she had been complicit in aiding Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Ukrainian officials in “digging up dirt” on Trump in 2016.

It’s no accident Obama sent Yovanovitch to Ukraine just as the 2016 election was heating up. We know from reports dating back to 2017, Hillary Clinton operatives were sent to Ukraine to conspire against candidate Donald Trump. In fact, the baseless smear that Trump colluded with the Russians was hatched over in Ukraine.

Yovanovitch also is accused of colluding with Adam Schiff and his staff prior to the whistleblower complaint. She also lied under oath about it during Schiff’s secret hearings last month. Yovanovitch denied she was ever contacted by Schiff’s staffer, however, emails obtained by Fox News proves she indeed was contacted and had a meeting with Schiff’s staffer.

Capitol Hill is buzzing about how the Democrats have instructed Yovanovitch “to cry” and “breakdown” on the stand in Friday’s impeachment hearing. 

Leftwing journalists from the New York Times are stating on social media that the fired Ukraine Ambassador is the last chance the Democrats have to turn this around. Mainstream news found that the majority of Americans turned off the impeachment drama yesterday.

After a Democrat closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill today, the buzz was Schiff was instructed to get an Academy Award level performance out of Yovanovitch. Federalist reporter Sean Davis was among those who started to discuss what that performance might look like.

“Boring, bow-tied bureaucrats whining about policy aren’t going to cut it, as this story illustrates. Democrats need big, dramatic moments. Don’t be surprised if Yovanovitch, who was fired in May, pulls a Blasey Ford and cries on camera tomorrow for effect,” Davis tweeted.

New York Times and CNN reporter Wajahat Ali also insinuated Yovanovitch must make a lasting impression tweeting, “Ambassador Yovanovitch better bring the pizzazz on Friday! I need jazz hands, a shiny sequin dress, a pep in her step and a smile on that face! Also, cow bell.”

To which American Greatness journalist Julie Kelly responded, “There’s buzz that Yovanovitch will break down during her testimony tomorrow to give Schiff the dramatic moment he didn’t get from the Duke brothers yesterday.”

There is also buzz Nancy Pelosi may have to shut down the impeachment if Friday turns into another disaster for the Democrats. 

Even the far-left outlet Vox is reporting that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are getting “cold feet” and that it’s entirely possible that they may just cut their losses. The report also warns the Democrats that “their base” of radicals will be furious if Nancy pulls the plug.

The longer this charade goes on, the worse it gets for the Democrats. Now that these hearings are out in the open, Schiff can no longer set the narrative. That’s the thing about the truth and this impeachment scheme. The fatal flaw in the Democrat plan was thinking they could impeach a duly elected president in secret. Now that we can all see for ourselves just how idiotic Schiff’s accusations against Trump are, Americans, by and large, have already moved on. Nothing to see here.

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