WATCH: As Nancy ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi Continues To Bash Tax Cuts, Trump Delivers Brutal Surprise

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California Democrat Nancy “Crumbs” Pelosi has been attacking President Donald Trump relentlessly over the substantial tax cuts he gave Americans, and she just won’t stop. Now, Trump has a brutal surprise for her that you won’t want to miss.

President Donald Trump (left), Nancy Pelosi (right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/CNN/GOP War Room)

Liberals seldom know when to shut up and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is no exception. While Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday, February 23, 2018, he lambasted Pelosi during his speech for complaining about the recent tax cuts and numerous bonuses and pay raises announced by multiple corporations around the country.

The President went after Pelosi and the Democrats for wanting to take away his tax cuts and our 2nd Amendment rights. “I’ll just leave you with this. We have to fight Nancy Pelosi. They want to give your money away. They want to give your money away. They want to end your tax cuts. They want to do things that you wouldn’t even believe, including taking your Second Amendment rights away,” Trump said.

In the closing minutes of his speech, Trump also blasted NAFTA and talked about how America has been taken advantage of by other countries. “Last year, we had almost a five-hundred billion dollar trade deficit with China. We can’t have that, we can’t have that. I have great respect for President Xi, but we can’t have that,” President Trump said.

“We have to go and we have to do what we have to do. We just can’t let countries — as an example, Mexico — we have a hundred billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico. What does that tell you? You know what it tells you? NAFTA is no good. It never was any good, but for some reason, nobody ever changed it. They emptied our factories. You gotta see the car plants and the auto plants in Mexico. Like, you’ve never seen anything like it before,” Trump continued.

“I want those companies — and they’re starting — I want them back here. I want them back here. They’re going to come back here too. And, we want to make our neighbors happy, but we can’t continuously have other nations taking advantage of the United States, like never before. And, this has gone on for a long time,” Trump said.

“This has gone on for longer — the last administration was a disaster — but this has gone on for much longer than the last administration. And, we’ve got to change it. We’re going to change it. So, we’re renegotiating deals, and you know what? Hate to say it, but if we can’t make a fair for the United States, we will terminate the deal, and we’ll start all over again,” he added to thunderous applause.

“So, under my administration — and with your help — don’t forget, you, many of you were the forgotten people. You were the people that when the polls came out they didn’t know that you existed. The Democrats are trying to figure out who you are because they want to get you back!” Trump pointed out.

“We’ve had people that never voted, but they’re patriots, but they never saw anybody they wanted to vote for. Then, they go to the election, they’ve got Trump, Pence, Trump, Pence. They’ve got hats, they’ve got all sorts of things Trump over here, make America great again hats, right!?” Trump added, reminding his supporters that we must all once again show up at that polls this year as the crowd continued to cheer before he made his final comments.

I could not agree more with our President. Democrats are sick to their stomachs that Trump’s plan to make our country great again is working. They never thought that he would even become POTUS let alone successfully rid our government of so many of the damaging policies put into place by former President Barack Obama and his disastrous administration.

The bottom line is that liberal hacks like Pelosi want to see people in poverty and want to see Americans doing poorly because that’s the only way Democrats can gain control or power. Thank God, their gig is up, and President Donald Trump is keeping his word to put America first.

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