WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Pulls Out Her Cellphone, Reporters Can’t Believe What She Reads

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Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pulls out her cell phone to read during a press conference, leaving reporters shocked.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) attempted to give reporters a history lesson at her press conference on Tuesday, but there was something very wrong with her version of the events. After she pulled out her cell phone to read reporters an account of what happened to our Founding Fathers, no one in the room could believe what they were hearing.

Pelosi’s most recent embarrassing blunder occurred during an event Democratic lawmakers held to discuss the “Democrats for Democracy Reform Legislative Package” and #wethepeople campaign, a “task force” they have created which is purportedly aimed at reforming “government to ensure it works for all Americans.”

Apparently, the Democrats do not recognize the irony in the fact that they have appointed themselves to ensure the government is working for all people, but I digress.

In her quest to educate the public about the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, Pelosi read an essay which was widely circulated online over the Fourth of July holiday. The only problem was that the piece of writing contained more than a few factual errors.

According to Young Conservatives, the essay that often appears around the Independence Day holiday, sent to email inboxes all across the nation, is filled with errors and fanciful exclamations. Some of the names of the signers of the Declaration are even misspelled and many of the stories about their fates are either outright lies or gross mischaracterizations or they are completely misidentified. Simply put, it’s just bad history.

The discredited piece, titled “The Price They Paid,” was a popular essay circulating around the internet on Independence Day. The article outlines the fates of those who signed the Declaration of Independence, but according to the fact checkers at Snopes, “many of its details are inaccurate.” [Source: Washington Free Beacon]

For those who are unaware, the “fact-checkers” at Snopes are heavily left-leaning, so the fact that they couldn’t even save face for the senile Democrat congresswoman speaks volumes.

“It’s July. We came back from the Fourth of July celebration and I saw this article,” Pelosi said before proceeding to read the account inaccurately describing the fates of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence, and it was all downhill from there.

“Understand what our responsibility is to protect what so many people sacrificed so much to achieve for our country,” Pelosi said after she finished reading, calling on the audience to “ponder the sacrifices so many people made at the start of our country.”

Unfortunately for the left, this isn’t the first time Nancy Pelosi has fallen for “alternative facts,” and it won’t be the last since it seems to be an increasing trend with the elderly congresswoman, who often can’t even make it through a press conference without unintelligibly slurring her words.

Sadly, Democrats have never been accused of being particularly bothered by facts, so it’s not entirely surprising that Pelosi chose an essay laden with errors to drive her point home. However, you would think that with the teams of people she employs, she could at least keep a few staffers nearby to alert her of these things before she sticks her foot in her mouth.

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