Nancy Pelosi ‘Barely Gets Out Alive,’ Ambushed & Surrounded By Illegal Thugs Paid By Soros

Nancy Pelosi is reeling after her worst nightmare just came true. While holding a “pro-illegal alien” press conference, Pelosi got ambushed by what she thought were poor, misunderstood “DREAMers.” Those DREAMers, who were bought and paid for by George Soros, showed their true colors when they surrounded her and scared the living daylights out of her. The mainstream media is covering up the whole story as Nancy Pelosi barely makes it out alive. You don’t want to miss this.

Nancy Pelosi (left) looks shocked as her presser is ambushed by the Immigration Liberation Movement. Nancy Pelosi (right) tries to calm down the ringleader. (Photo Credit: NBC Bay Area/Twitter, NBC Bay Area/Twitter)

Since when do poor, misunderstood, illegal aliens act like professional leftist agitators? That’s exactly what happened yesterday afternoon as Nancy Pelosi held a press conference. Pelosi was talking her liberal platitudes about “DREAMers” when, all of a sudden, the whole presser turned into her worst nightmare.

The illegal alien thugs, calling themselves the Immigration Liberation Movement, ambushed Pelosi, making crazy demands about amnesty for all illegals in America. Breitbart reports, “[T]he ‘Immigration Liberation Movement’ crashed a press conference by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Monday, warning the Democratic Party not to ‘sell [us] out.’ The group shouted down Rep. Pelosi, who struggled to maintain control of the meeting, and unfurled a large banner calling for all illegal aliens to be legalized.”

The unidentified illegal ringleader, a woman in her twenties, timed her entrance into the event perfectly. She goes on to do a “mic check” call-and-response-style, popularized by the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011. They proceed to shout, parroting the “leader,” who had organized notes, screaming, “We remember all too well how for eight years the Democrats laid siege to our communities, raiding and deporting nearly three million people,” and, “We are the resistance to Trump!”

What really set them off was when Pelosi called them “DREAMers.” They went nuts, screaming, “We are NOT DREAMers!” That’s when they started shouting their demands, which of course is amnesty for every single illegal alien in America. The illegal losers went on for forty minutes. At first, Pelosi tried to placate them. When she realized they didn’t give a damn about her at all, she tried yelling at them to “Stop it,” and that didn’t stop work either.

The activists also chanted, “Brown power!” In a show of solidarity among left-wing groups, they also chanted “Trans lives matter!” and other liberal slogans while Pelosi stood silently behind the throng. “You met with Trump, and you call that resistance?” they shouted in unison.

After the Immigration Liberation Movement wouldn’t stop, Pelosi’s security team started to panic. She was literally surrounded by the mob of illegals, and they had to mobilize to grab her as they barely get her out unharmed. It really was quite shocking, seeing these entitled illegals demand citizenship.

Obviously, those in the Immigration Liberation Movement (IML) have been trained by the same people who lead the Occupy movement. In January 2017, Soros started “Humanity Ventures,” which directly funds these illegals, who run workshops to train agitators. These aren’t hard-working, scared illegals who we should pity, as Pelosi has said. No, these people have a sick hatred for America and everything we stand for.

While I love watching Nancy Pelosi get torn up by these thugs, who she’s been advocating for, the bigger problem here is these illegals aren’t “hiding in the shadows,” as the Democrats and many Republicans claim. In fact, they are getting paid to disrupt our rule of law. Either we are a nation of laws and borders or we aren’t. If these paid illegal agitators are given an inch, America might as well open all the borders, right now. We need to stop trying to make a deal with these lawbreakers, who have no right to demand a damn thing from the United States. Send them all packing immediately, before it’s too late.

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