“Bobblehead” Nancy Pelosi Speaks At Mayor’s Conference, Stupifies Crowd With 3 Words

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently hit the road for a speaking engagement at the Conference of U.S. Mayors. Now, the video of “bobblehead” Pelosi has gone viral after she stupified the crowd — and all it took was just three words.

Nancy Pelosi (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/Washington Free Beacon)

Nancy Pelosi might be able to claim first prize for cringe-worthy moments in the world of politics. The crazy California congresswoman reportedly spoke at the Conference of U.S. Mayors on Friday, January 26, 2018, video of which has already emerged on social media.

During her very weird speech, which seemed a little “under the influence,” Pelosi took aim at Republicans over their anti-illegal immigration stance. According to the Washington Free Beacon, Pelosi blasted the Trump administration for its new immigration reform proposal, with the Democrat congresswoman calling it a plan to make America “white again.”

Nancy Pelosi’s dig at President Donald Trump came the day after the White House put out the framework for immigration reform, which proposes a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million young illegal immigrants. Trump is asking Congress for $25 billion in funding for the border wall in exchange for his concessions on immigration reform.

Pelosi commented that the framework set forth by Trump is designed to hurt minority groups. “Let me just say what I said last night: that plan is a campaign to make America white again,” Pelosi said, claiming that Trump’s plan will cut legal immigration by 50 percent.

The truth of the matter is that Trump is trying to design immigration policy around prioritizing immediate family members such as a spouse or children. Trump also wants to eliminate the problematic visa lottery system, which the White House has said is “riddled with fraud and abuse and does not serve the national interest.”

Pelosi’s three-word stumper came at the end of her statement on her vision of immigration. “Immigration has been the constant re-invigoration of America. When people come here with their hopes and dreams and aspirations and their optimism and their courage to make the future better for their families they are honoring the vows of our founders who predicated everything they do that every generation would make the future better for the next,” she said first.

Then, things took a turn for the worst as she continued, saying, “And with those same values, these newcomers make America more American. Instead of viewing it as something, in their word, alien, they should embrace it,” she said.

This really takes stupid to a whole new level, even for Nancy Pelosi. Eventually, people in her own party will realize she is out of touch with reality beyond what most liberals would consider normal.

Nancy Pelosi continued bashing President Donald Trump as she said, “People don’t understand — the one problem I think the current occupant of the White House — they don’t understand that sanctuary cities is what helps law enforcement. It helps public safety. If only they just understood how somebody could come forward if they know they’re protected to help public safety, but they don’t really want to know because that doesn’t serve their purpose.”

Of course, like nearly everything she says, this could not be further from the truth. President Trump understands one thing about public safety and that is that Democrats put America’s safety at risk with their dangerous immigration policies. And, you know who else understands this? The American people who voted for him based on this platform, that’s who.

Someone needs to tell Nancy Pelosi that Americans make America “more American.” Her idiotic view, that unlimited immigration is good for America, is simply her way of trying to increase the Democrat’s voter base by flooding our country with illegals who will more or less vote how they are told as long as the government keeps the free goodies flowing from taxpayers’ pockets.

This is the devious plan liberals have been trying to follow for at least two decades and has been perpetuated by not just Democrat presidents but also Republicans such as the Bush family. Nancy Pelosi has made a fortune off of lobbyists who have paid handsomely to push unlimited immigration. In reality, illegal immigration is the Democrats’ last-ditch effort to save their party because they stopped making sense to Americans a long time ago.

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