VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Takes Her Stupidity Too Far, Launches Senile Attack On Trump

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) took her stupidity way too far in a senile attack on President Donald Trump, and it was all caught in video. Democrats should be ashamed of her.

Nancy Pelosi (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credits: Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images, Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Nancy Pelosi is at it again only this time she’s taken her idiocy to new levels in a speech on Monday, May 21, 2018, at a House and Senate Democratic Leaders Press Conference on the steps of the Capitol, according to Breitbart. At a time when outrageous discoveries are being made about the deep state’s infiltration and spying on of Trump’s presidential campaign, Pelosi does what Democrats do best.

She accused Republicans of being corrupt when her party has been caught being corrupt. The sheer stupidity of Pelosi’s speech is almost unbearable.

“The American people are confronted with one of the most compromised, corrupt administrations in history,” Pelosi began.

This is textbook deep state stumping on Pelosi’s part. Despite her obvious lack of intelligence, Pelosi knows that her party is going to suffer horribly when the truth comes out about how Democrats, the FBI, the CIA, and the Obama administration all colluded to get rid of Trump.

“Instead of delivering what is promised to drain the swamp, President Trump has become the swamp. Republicans, the White House, and the Congress are cravenly beholden to big money interests and the American people are paying the price. From giveaways to dirty energy polluters our children are paying the price in the air they breathe and the water they drink,” Pelosi continued.

Seriously? At some point, Pelosi and her fellow Democrats are going to have to stop using children as ideological human shields whenever they are caught with their pants down. The liberal insanity didn’t stop there.

“To the giveaways of tax breaks to Wall Street and wealthy corporations, shipping jobs overseas, our workers and middle-class are paying the price. To giveaways to big pharma raising drug costs our children, seniors, and working families are paying the price every day,” she added. “The American people deserve better but Republicans are standing in the way.”

Wow, what part of economic uptrend does Pelosi not understand? Across the board, Trump has been breaking records when it comes to unemployment rates, new jobs, and corporate re-investment back into our economy. Pelosi is clearly giving what appears to be a senile rant, and the American people aren’t fooled by her practiced lies.

“We want Republicans and their corrupt big donor-driven agenda to get out of the way,” Pelosi demanded.

Oh, let’s just notify all of the Republicans we “deplorables” fought so hard to put into office that we want them to move over for Pelosi and her allies who spent eight years under the Obama administration destroying our country. No thanks.

“It has given the American people a raw deal. Democrats are offering a better deal for our democracy,” Pelosi claimed, according to NBC News.

I wasn’t born yesterday, and neither were millions of American patriots. We already have seen what Democrats have to offer in the form of higher taxes, fewer jobs, an out of control Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and a politicized corrupted intelligence community. I highly doubt Americans want to turn over power to the Democrats based on their “shining” track record.

“To save our democracy we are committed to empowering the American voter to demand responsive government, protecting every citizen’s right to vote and their right to have their vote counted as cast. Safeguarding out election infrastructure and ending partisan redistricting,” Pelosi continued.

Another huge lie being told by the left is that they care about American citizens right to vote. I’d like Nancy Pelosi just to bluntly tell the truth for once. Get up on that mic and proclaim that Democrats have been abandoned by their alienated base and now their party needs to replenish their voter lists with illegal aliens.

I’d have a little more respect for Pelosi if she spoke the truth, but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

In my opinion, Pelosi is a relic of a Democratic Party that saw it’s day, and now the left is squeezing every last drop of idiocy they can get out of her. Who else in their right mind would get up in front of millions of viewers and spew such insane nonsense? Only Pelosi.

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