Nancy Pelosi Attacks Trump, Accidentally Threatens Her Own Supporters On TV

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It’s expected that Nancy Pelosi would attack anything that President Donald Trump supports. It’s what Democrats do. However, no one expected her to threaten her own supporters just to stick it to Trump. The best part? It was all captured on video.

Nancy Pelosi (Photo Credit: YouTube/GOP War Room)

Forever is a long time, and that’s how long Nancy Pelosi says she’s willing to shut down the government. The soon-to-be Speaker of the House threatened an eternal government shutdown over her unwillingness to fund the border wall that President Donald Trump has requested.

Another perspective on this is that Pelosi would rather put the US government on ice than provide security for this country against foreign invaders. Any way you look at this, it shows the democratic leader puts illegal immigrants over Americans, and that’s horrible from any angle.

Earlier this week Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer met with President Trump to discuss the upcoming budget battle as well as immigration reform. Trump laid out a compelling argument for Congress to fund a $5 billion wall on the US/Mexico border to keep out drug smugglers, human traffickers, and terrorists. Nancy and Chuck countered that they prefer a porous Southern border and refused to back funding for the wall.

After the meeting, Pelosi compared the proposed wall to President Trump’s “manhood” as reported by CNN Congressional correspondent Manu Raju:

And because she’s nuts, Pelosi said the meeting was like getting urinated on by a skunk, as reported by Washington Post White House reporter Josh Dawsey:

Presumably, that makes sense to Pelosi, but the rest of the world is left scratching their heads.

On Thursday, Pelosi held a press conference and laid out her agenda in regards to the looming budget battle and the potential government shutdown. Pelosi was asked if there was a chance that Democrats would shut down the government rather than include funding for Trump’s border wall in the budget bill.

“We just have to do it. It’s the imperative. It’s what’s at hand that we have to do,” said Pelosi.

Despite calling it an “imperative” Pelosi then said that shutting down the government was a “very bad thing to do.” She then ripped Republicans for the previous government shutdown. When Republicans do something, it’s bad, but when Democrats do the same thing, it’s an act of courage.

Another reporter pointed out to Pelosi that Trump has said he wants the border wall funding and asked why she thought the President would sign a budget bill without it.

“Does he want to have government closed forever?” Pelosi asked sarcastically.

What Pelosi said was that she will never send Trump a budget bill with border wall funding and is willing to shut the government down for all of eternity. She would rather have a permanent government shutdown than give Trump one red cent for his border wall. This is most definitely a threat from the next Speaker of the House to shut down the government forever rather than pay for a practical security measure.

President Trump should rebrand the border wall as something that will keep skunks out instead of illegal immigrants. If Pelosi thought this thing would stop skunks from urinating on her, she might be more willing to pay for it.

Obviously, Pelosi isn’t going to shut down the government forever. At 78-years-old, she doesn’t have forever left or anything close to it. There’s also the problem that a government shutdown primarily hurts the Democratic Party base. Essentials like the military will continue to be funded, but all the social welfare programs and agencies will be cut off and the Democrats’ supporters will be pissed off.

The threat of a forever government shutdown is just a small part of Pelosi’s insane agenda when she and the Democrats take control of the House in January. She has promised to investigate the pants off of President Trump, including forcing him to release his tax returns. She has promised unconstitutional gun control legislation. She has promised to repeal the GOP tax cuts.

Put this stuff together with a prolonged shutdown and Pelosi is guaranteeing that she’ll only be Speaker for two years because an angry American public will flip the House back to Republicans in 2020.

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