Nancy Slurs Speech, Says Trump Supporters Are To Blame For Anti-Semite Rep. Omar

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Nancy Pelosi is in hot water. She showed up at a rally with Dominican-Americans and proceeded to stumble her way through her speech. It was utterly ridiculous. Then, she lied about Trump supporters, claiming Rep. Ilhan Omar’s antisemitic comments aren’t as bad as what is heard at the president’s rallies. Well, that’s when the 78-year-old Speaker of the House got a real reality check. Don’t miss this.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (left), President Donald Trump (middle), Nancy Pelosi (right) (Photo Credit: CBS/Screenshot, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Nancy Pelosi is notorious for slurring her words and jumbling her remarks. Some people think she is hitting the sauce, others think she is having senior moments. Whatever the case, in the last few weeks, it is happening every few days.

The Speaker greeted a crowd of Dominican-Americans, including those who are Congressmen, on the steps inside the Rayburn House Office building. Pelosi began by laughing into the microphone. “Are there any Dominicans in the House?” she shouted.

“I thank our first Dominican American elected to Congress for the invitation to be here. Aren’t we proud with our first Dominican elected to Congress?” she said, slurring and stumbling through the words. Pelosi sought applause from the small crowd for DNC Chairman Tom Perez, whose family she said is from the Dominican Republic.

Turning to her notes, Pelosi had trouble reading names and the groups they were associated with. “Let me just say that you invigorate America,” she said, stepping out from behind the podium, “with your hopes, your dreams, your aspiration.”

Many in the crowd were apparently less than impressed with the Speaker’s appearance, as there was considerable chatter in the room. “Dominican Americans make America more American!” Pelosi declared.

It really was quite a catastrophe: 

What most Americans were talking about today was the California Democrat’s statements about Rep. Ilhan Omar, the disgraced Congresswoman who is a rabid antisemite. Omar’s history of antisemitism goes back years. In fact, back when she was just a state representative, she was so outrageous in her public hatred for Israel and Jews that Jewish leaders in her community staged an intervention.

“An article in a local Minneapolis/St. Paul newspaper reported Tuesday that Jewish leaders in Minnesota had spoken to Omar about her views last year — and that she failed to learn anything,” Breitbart reported. And, that’s why Omar is so brazen, refusing to delete her offensive tweets as the growing sentiment on Capitol Hill says she needs to resign.

And, that brings us to Nancy Pelosi, who as the leading Democrat should be the one to make Omar resign. Instead, Pelosi points the finger at Trump supporters and tells an outrageous lie, hoping to take the heat off her little pet Omar.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) defended Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Wednesday by claiming, falsely, that Trump supporters had chanted “Jew-S-A” at his campaign rallies and he “never distanced himself,” Breitbart reported.

CNN’s Elizabeth Landers asked Pelosi to respond to a statement by Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday, in which he called Omar’s Monday apology for antisemitic rhetoric “inadequate” and said she did not belong on the House Foreign Affairs Committee:

Pelosi’s response to Pence’s statement on Omar was to point the finger at President Donald Trump and his supporters. “As I heard the president speaking this morning, all that was going through my mind was ‘Jew-S-A, Jew-S-A’ at his rallies that he never distanced himself from,” Pelosi claimed.

In all of the many rallies during the 2016 presidential campaign, and all of the Trump rallies since, there has been only one incidence of one individual chanting “Jew-S-A.”

What’s more, the day after the rally in question, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway denounced the lone attendee who chanted “Jew-S-A,” saying, “His conduct is completely unacceptable and does not reflect our campaign or our candidate.”

Pelosi is, in essence, saying that since Trump and his “deplorables” have allegedly created this divisive atmosphere, Rep. Omar has done nothing worse than what she feels the president and his people have done. She’s blaming it on Trump supporters, and for that, she got called out as a liar.

Twitchy published an article which said, “[Pelosi’s] lying through her teeth.” And, journalist Alex Grisworld posted, “Pelosi is just wrong on this count. The Trump campaign *did* denounce the ‘Jew-S-A’ chant.”

Nancy Pelosi is a hot mess. She is caught time and again slurring her speech, and now, the Speaker is lying to save a disgusting antisemite, Rep. Ilhan Omar. Immediately, Omar should be forced to resign, but only the Democrats can make that happen.

Instead, they are blaming President Trump and his supporters. At the very least, Omar needs to resign from the powerful Foreign Affair Committee. She has zero credibility to serve in any capacity. The Democrats cry racism all day long, but when we really have a true blue sicko who hates Israel and all the Jewish people, they are nowhere to be found. No patriotic American can vote for the Democrats. They are out to destroy America.

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