Nanny Spots Stranger Approaching Child, Horrified To Learn What Was Put In His Mouth

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Nanny Spots Stranger Approaching Child, Horrified To Learn What Was Put In His Mouth
Sayyadina Thomas (left), a stock image of a child in the hospital (right)

When a California nanny decided to take a 2-year-old child to play at the park, the fun outing would turn to horror before her very eyes. While she was watching the boy on one of the structures, she saw a stranger approach him. Unfortunately, although she rushed to the child’s aid, she wasn’t quick enough and would be left horrified to learn what had been forcefully placed in the toddler’s mouth.

The nanny and a two-year-old boy in her care were at the People’s Park in Berkeley when the young boy was approached by a strange woman, who was later identified as Sayyadina Thomas. As the nanny looked on in horror, the stranger forced something into the boy’s mouth before walking away. When the nanny was able to retrieve the boy, she was left horrified to learn what Thomas had done.

The nanny quickly searched in the boy’s mouth to see what was inside but was unable to spot anything. Still, she called the police. After promptly arriving on the scene, officers arrested Thomas who didn’t hesitate to admit to paramedics that she had given the child methamphetamine, according to Inside Edition.

Several onlookers witnessed the incident and were sickened by what had happened. When asked about what they saw, one witness recalled, “She just walked up to him and grabbed him…she just stuck her hands in his mouth.” The man, who only goes by Jamison, added, “It was kind of messed up. She’s not a very good person. She steals everyone’s stuff. She runs around talking to herself. She’s crazy.”

“It’s really sad, that’s what it is. Very sad — along with a lot of stuff that probably happens here in the park,” said Berkeley resident Joanna Garcia. “I was telling my friend about it — just really shocking that would happen, especially a child would be targeted.”

As for the boy who was forced to take drugs, he was rushed to Alta Bates Medical Center where doctors confirmed meth was in his system. Thomas has since been “charged with attempted murder,” according to ABC 7. Come to find out, she has been living at the park for awhile and has even been busted for trespassing, indecent exposure, and probation violations in the past.

It’s a shame that children can’t even be taken to a park to have fun without being placed in a dangerous situation, solely because of the irresponsible and depraved behavior of others. Unfortunately, because of this reality, it’s important to always keep an eye on your children and to be aware of anyone who is getting too close to them when you do take your children to a public location to play. Parents should also not be afraid to report any perceived threat. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

In addition to keeping an eye on your children, it’s probably best to teach them about these dangers to better prepare them with how to react in any uncomfortable or possibly dangerous situation. Obviously, that’s hard to do with a two-year-old, so a child that young shouldn’t ever be so far from you that a stranger could reach them before you can. Although we don’t want our children living in fear, I know that I would rather my child be aware of the dangers lurking around them than to live with the consequences of them getting harmed.