[PICS] Woman Finds NASTY Note On Car. Surprise Left With It, Made It WORSE.

Thinking she broke her arm, a woman went to the clinic, but she had no idea what the day’s events would have in store for her. After returning to her car, you can imagine how shocked she was to find a nasty note — but the surprise left with the message made it much worse.

The incident took place in Powdersville, South Carolina, after Mandy Reeves Townes visited Baptist Easley Urgent Care Clinic for what she thought was a broken arm. After leaving a few hours later, she came back out to her car. That’s when she found something out of the ordinary.

As it turns out, it was actually a nasty note left by a fellow driver, which read:

“Was impossible for me to get into my car — you parked so close. Learn to drive.”

Woman Finds Car Keyed, Note About Her Parking Job

However, the situation was only made worse after Mandy realized the angry motorist left a little something extra for her to find with the note. Upon closer inspection, the woman was shocked to find that the tantruming adult had also keyed her car.

Woman Finds Car Keyed, Note About Her Parking Job

It wasn’t just a single stroke, and it spanned the length of her car on both sides. As a result, Mandy explains, “The damage to my car’s paint is extensive, it will require all 4 doors and 1 quarter panel to be repainted and likely cost me over $1000.”

She filed a police report, but because the surveillance camera footage didn’t provide any help, she’s since turned to the public. Asking for any information to bring the vandals to justice, Mandy left her email in hopes someone will drop her a tip.

The clinic has also since addressed the incident with a statement:

First, we are really disappointed that this happened to a patient of our facility.  Baptist Easley does not tolerate this type of behavior and will help in the investigation in any way possible. The video footage has been pulled and sent to Anderson County Police Department. I have not seen the video or know what was captured. The Anderson County Police are handling the investigation and can disclose what is on the video. We certainly are very disappointed, and we hope that the Anderson Police Department is successful in solving the case.

It’s honestly disgusting to see how some adults act. Most people – normal people – might grumble a little something to themselves, but they would simply get in their car and leave. Instead, this moron decided to leave a note and key this woman’s vehicle.

If anything, this story proves that we should be mindful of the situations of others, as we may not always know the entire story. This woman drove herself to the doctor with a presumed broken arm, so parking probably wasn’t an easy feat, but because this driver jumped to conclusions, she has to pay $1,000 to have her car fixed.

The point here is simple — act like a decent human being. Even if someone does a horrible park job for no other reason than they just aren’t good at parking, that doesn’t warrant vandalism. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

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