Video Goes Viral For Wrong Reason After What ‘National Walkout’ Kids Did In Walmart

A shocking clip that just hit social media is going viral for all the wrong reasons. As it turns out, a large group of students who participated in “National Walkout Day” headed to a Walmart in Chicago, Illinois, where they were caught on camera — and you won’t see this footage on CNN.

Video Goes Viral For Wrong Reason After What 'National Walkout' Kids Did In Walmart
Images from the video recorded in Illinois (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Twitter, 2)

The left has been lauding “National Walkout Day” as a success, even though it was anything but that. In fact, it wasn’t long before people revealed that many of the students who walked out in the so-called “protest” only did so to get out of class. Add to that the fact that at least one student was suspended for refusing to take part, and you can easily see that this was a political stunt pushed by liberal educators and lawmakers rather than a real movement.

An incident took place in Chicago, Illinois, but CNN will not be reporting on it for obvious reasons. Too bad for them, the word is still getting out as surveillance camera footage of the occurrence is now going viral after being obtained and posted to social media by an organization known as The Red Elephants.

It all took place on “National Walkout Day,” but the video has only recently been shared on Twitter. Like so many other schools, the kids at Simeon Career Academy walked out of their classrooms for 17 minutes as planned, but that’s not all that they did. For reasons unknown, a massive pack of teen thugs made their way to a neighboring Walmart, where they proceeded to take part in what can only be described as a stampede.

Of course, the footage is going viral for the wrong reasons as the idiots essentially trashed the store — but that’s not the worst of it. “These guys jacked up our store pretty good,” a Walmart employee and witness told The Red Elephants. “They pounced on cars in the lot, vandalized two of the school buses parked there, threw Gatorade bottles at shoppers, Smoke bombs, and we heard gunshots in the parking lot.”

So, in order to protest gun violence, these idiots ran into a local store, destroyed it, and possibly shot up the parking lot with what we can only assume were illegal firearms, if the witness’s statement is true. It must be noted that there are no reports of gunshots from the mainstream media. However, it is reported that police are involved and looking for those directly responsible for the destruction of the store.

Police say between 40 and 60 of those students crossed the street and trashed parts of the store, knocking over product displays, yanking items off shelves, breaking packages and stealing small items like chips and candy. In a statement, a Chicago Public Schools spokesperson says: “We are very concerned by these allegations and we are reviewing the matter.” [Source: FOX 32]

Right now, the local community is more than ticked off over what the kids have done. “We’ve worked too hard to try to get these national retailers here in our community and this doesn’t help us,” said Howard Brookins, Alderman of Chicago’s 21st Ward. “It makes no sense to tear up the community which you call home.”

This really goes to show that this “anti-gun protest” was nothing more than a way for kids to get out of class, and the left knew that and used it to further their agenda. After all, what better way to ensure participation from children than to offer them time off from school. If this was a Saturday event, the amount of participation would have been much lower. The left is using these kids as weapons in a political war, and it has to stop immediately.

Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, yet some of the highest murder and violent crime rates. If liberals really wanted to protest gun violence, then they would be holding these protests every weekend in Chicago, seeing how just as many die there on a weekly basis as did in the school shooting in Florida most recently. It’s time to expose the left for the frauds that they are, and it’s time for them to stop with the lies.