Navy SEAL’s Wife Stood By Him After Car Wreck, Months Later Video Caught How He Repaid Her

Navy SEAL's Wife Stood By Him After Car Wreck, Months Later Video Caught How He Repaid Her
Navy SEAL Jonathan Grant and his wife Laura

In March, a Navy Seal, who was serving as a combat medic instructor, was in a horrific car accident that left him in a coma and fighting for his life. Although the recovery has been difficult, his beautiful wife has stood by him every step of the way. Months after the wreck, a video was released that captured how the man repaid his wife for her devotion, and now, it’s going viral.

Navy SEAL Jonathan Grant was in a car accident that left him in a coma. Since the moment his wife, Laura Browning Grant, heard about his accident, she has chosen to stand by him every step of the way on the road to recovery, helping as doctors and physical trainers nurse him back to health. Last week, a video was released that captured exactly how Jonathan began to repay her for her commitment.

In the now viral video, Laura is seen wearing a pair of sweats, a T-shirt, and a messy hair bun as she helps lift Jonathan out of his wheelchair. The SEAL is seen grabbing the two metal bars on each side of him, as a physical trainer stands nearby to help guide the couple. As the trainer is heard giving Jon praise for standing up, it’s what Jon decides to do next that the nation can’t stop talking about – he kisses his devoted wife.

“We hadn’t been able to stand and hold each other since before the accident, but as soon as we got him up, he started kissing my neck,” Laura explained, according to Cosmopolitan. “It gave me the chills — him kissing me back, you don’t realize how much that means until it’s almost taken away from you.”

In fact, Jon’s ability to kiss his wife is one of the few skills he’s re-learned since coming out of his coma. Often, Laura has been seen kissing her husband. However, this particular moment was different since Jon was the one who initiated the kisses – something she undoubtedly wished for during his long and grueling battle to recovery.

Navy SEAL's Wife Stood By Him After Car Wreck, Months Later Video Caught How He Repaid Her
Jonathan Grant kissing his wife Laura

The accident had left Jon suffering from “bleeding on the brain and brain injury that left him in a coma, with cuts all over and other internal injuries,” according to Daily Mail. In fact, doctors weren’t even sure he’d survive. It wasn’t until two months after his accident that he even woke up, with Laura beside him. He’s currently staying at a rehab facility where he has since learned to breathe and eat on his own again. Unfortunately, he has a long way to go, considering he still can’t brush his teeth, get dressed, stand, or even talk yet.

“Emotionally, it’s very hard to wonder whether he loves me. We get a little bit of head nods and mouthing, but nothing consistent,” Laura admits. “I don’t have my husband to talk to. Sometimes, when I leave the hospital at the end of the day, I think, ‘I just miss my husband.'”

We can only imagine the emotional and physical nightmare Laura has endured since her husband’s accident, as she spent long nights at the hospital waiting for him to wake up. It’s apparent that she took her vows seriously, standing by her husband’s side in sickness and in health. That little kiss might not look like much to the rest of us, but it was likely the answer to many of her prayers — a small sign that her husband is there, loving her, and appreciating her dedication to his recovery.

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