Neighbor Furious After Glancing Out Window To Make Chilling Find In Doghouse Next Door

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No one likes being known as a nosy neighbor, but sometimes, it’s a good trait to have. When one resident in Connecticut glanced out their window one freezing afternoon, they were left stunned by what they saw. In fact, fury immediately took over, and they quickly called the police when they realized what they had spotted inside the doghouse next door.

Neighbor Furious After Glancing In Neighbors Yard And Making Chilling Find In Dog House
The home (left), the doghouse (right), Deputy Chief Brian Foley (inset) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Fox 61)

It all began when the resident of a home, who has remained unidentified, was arrested on drug charges and ended up being away from home for a few months. Unfortunately, in that time, the weather not only got colder but neighbors grew more and more curious about the empty home next door. However, when one particular neighbor looked out their window one frigid afternoon, they made quite the disturbing discovery – a dog was in the doghouse next door.

Considering the weather has been extremely cold for quite a while, the neighbor called the police after making the discovery on New Year’s Day, concerned about the dog’s well-being. Officers responded, but unfortunately, they discovered that the dog was already dead.

The pit bull mix had been chained in its doghouse during the cold weather. In fact, according to USA Today, “Its body was frozen solid.” Police believe that the dog may have been outside for as long as a month before it was discovered, as the dog’s owner had been in jail for months but claimed to have made arrangements for his dog’s care.

“The dog was not provided any type of protective measures against the cold,” Deputy Chief Brian Foley said, according to Daily Mail, “The dog showed signs of hypothermia.” To make matters even worse, the dog had been lying in fecal material that eventually froze to its body.

Police have since confronted the dog’s owner, who said that the dog had been staying in the basement until a pipe burst – resulting in him being moved to the outdoors by heartless relatives.

“He was underweight for his body size with low body fat and low muscle density,” police reported. “His bones were easily palpable and often visible beneath the skin – his ribs and pelvic bones were prominent.”

When veterinarian Dr. Callie Tatro was asked, she stated, “There’s a common misconception that since a lot of animals live outdoors… that they’re okay to tolerate these types of temperatures, but unfortunately they’re just as vulnerable as we are to hypothermia.”

Animal cruelty charges are expected.

Neighbor Furious After Glancing In Neighbors Yard And Making Chilling Find In Dog House
An image of the dog inside the doghouse (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Fox 61)

There’s no reason a dog should be outside for longer than a few minutes to use the bathroom in extreme temperatures, hot or cold. As Dr. Tatro said, although some people believe animals can tolerate cold temperatures, it’s simply not true. In fact, short-haired dogs should wear a sweater, and even long-haired dogs, like huskies who can handle colder climates, still need to be taken care of in colder weather and provided with appropriate shelter against the cold.

Unfortunately, the simple truth is, this dog lost its life because of its owner’s criminal behavior. Had he not ended up in jail, he wouldn’t have trusted his pet to someone who obviously didn’t appropriately care for the animal while the dog’s owner was away.

Some people can be so selfish, especially those who have an addiction problem. Perhaps the most heartbreaking part is this dog died alone and likely longing for the one person who put him in that situation — his owner. It really boils down to acting like an adult. If you can’t handle the responsibility of owning a pet, then don’t get one, and if you are living a life of crime, that’s your first clue that you are not responsible enough to own a pet.

If anyone sees someone mistreating an animal, don’t be afraid to speak up – you just might save their life. I find it hard to believe no one heard this dog barking before it was too late. We need to look out for those who don’t have a voice. An animal should never be left to freeze to death because no one cared enough to simply pay attention.