Neighbor Forces Man To Remove ‘Racist’ Flag, So He Puts Up Something Better

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Neighbor Forces Man To Remove 'Racist' Flag, So He Puts Up Something Better
After Jeff Gaddie (right) was told to take down his daughter’s “Blue Lives Matter” flag (left), he replaced it with something even better. (Photo source: Law Officer, WJAX-TV)

When a family flew a small “Blue Lives Matter” flag hanging on the front of their house, they were forced to take down the pro-law enforcement tribute when a neighbor complained that it was “racist.” However, instead of accepting defeat, the homeowner immediately replaced it with another display that’s even bigger and better than the first.

Although Americans enjoy the most liberties of any nation, liberals are tirelessly fighting to eradicate even the simplest expressions of freedom as long as they feel offended by it. Considering how fragile the sentiments of leftists are, this includes displaying any hint of support for values or organizations other than they ones they personally laud.

For years Jeff Gaddie’s daughter flew a “Blue Lives Matter” flag outside her home in Samara Lakes, Florida, letting her former police officer father and other local law enforcement know that their lives and safety matter to her. Unfortunately, all it took was one neighbor to complain to the Home Owners Association in March to force her to remove what they referred to as a “racist” display. Legitimizing their demands by alleging that the pro-law enforcement flag isn’t on their list of “approved” flags, the young woman had no choice but to comply. Her father, on the other hand, had a brilliant backup plan.

WJAX-TV reports that Gaddie took down the fairly small flag, replacing it with giant photos of the same very flag projected onto his daughter’s garage door since HOA rules allow for images to be projected on the exteriors of houses. Refusing to be silenced, the former police officer set up the projector to allow his daughter to showcase numerous pictures and clips of photos dedicated to all emergency service members, especially fallen heroes.

Neighbor Forces Man To Remove 'Racist' Flag, So He Puts Up Something Better
After Gaddie removed the flag, he set up a projector to display pro-law enforcement images (pictured), including a photo of the very same flag his daughter was forced to take down (bottom left). (Photo source: WJAX-TV)

Gaddie has dismissed the accusation that showing support for police officers is racist, reminding anyone who might be offended that law enforcement officials hail from every demographic, according to Blue Lives Matter.

Gaddie said that “blue is not a race,” and that there are “black officers, Asian officers, every race.” He said that it’s the furthest thing from being racist.  He said “If you drive by and see that flag, it kind of makes you feel a little bit better, that there’s a family that supports what I’m doing.”

He told the media that since the First Coast Association Management has ignored all of his calls, emails, and appeals, the display will continue.

“So far, the board has not answered any phone calls, they don’t answer emails, they haven’t responded to the appeal notice,” explains the former law enforcement officer.

Gaddie explained that after his daughter was told to remove the flag, the association encouraged her to submit a request to fly it but immediately denied it when she did. Although they first cited that the flag was not an approved display, the truth came out, exposing the association’s political and racial bias.

“She called to ask why,” Gaddie told reporters. “They told her they had received a complaint that it was considered racist, offensive and anti-Black Lives Matter.”

Gaddie and his daughter were scheduled to have a meeting with the association on Wednesday, but the outcome has yet to be reported. Of course, Gaddie explained that he’ll keep finding alternative ways to allow his daughter to express her support for the men and women who risk their lives for citizens on a daily basis.

“If it was something for some other non-important cause, it wouldn’t be an issue, but something this important you almost have to,” Gaddie said.

Although we expect this kind of bigotry and juvenility from liberals, the HOA’s excuse is absolutely unacceptable. They believe that it’s perfectly reasonable for homeowners to announce support for Black Lives Matter, which is a racist terrorist organization that openly calls for the murders of cops and whites while rioting and looting. However, if you want to support the lives of those protecting the community from thugs, rapists, drug dealers, and murderers, you’re a bigot.

Hopefully, the HOA reconsiders its imbecilic excuse and allows Gaddie’s daughter to show her support for her own father and the countless officers who have sacrificed their lives to protect even those who despise them. If not, we just might see a vehicle painted with a massive “Blue Lives Matter” flag parked in Gaddie’s daughter’s driveway soon.

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