Neighbors Hear Muslim Family’s Black Slave Screaming, What They Find Next Is Horrifying

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After a family acquired a black female slave to carry out their every whim, a neighbor later heard the young woman screaming and hurried over. What they found next is incredibly horrifying.

Neighbors Hear Muslim Family's Black Slave Screaming, What They Find Next Is Horrifying
After hearing the screams of 26-year-old Adelina Lisao (right), a neighbor discovered what her Muslim owners had been doing to her. (Photo Credit: Pixabay, Steven Sim/Handout)

For over 1,400 years, Islam has prohibited its followers from progressing through technology, medicine, and, most of all, social issues, thanks to their prophet’s mandates. Setting the standard for generations to come, Muhammad invoked Sharia law, ensuring that over 50 Muslim-majority nation today are still practicing antiquated traditions that have held their countries back while the rest of the world advances.

One of the most oppressive of these fundamentals is the right for Muslims to enslave infidels, forcing them into a life of servitude for Allah’s followers. Disturbingly, much of the Muslim world still openly practices slavery without so much as a peep from the West’s human rights activists, simply because of their protected culture and religion.

Like millions of other non-Muslim migrants, Adelina Lisao left her home in Indonesia to work as a maid for a privileged Muslim family in Malaysia. As is typical with hired help in Islamic nations, Adelina’s employers quickly seized control of her assets, refused to pay her, and physically tortured the 26-year-old girl, ensuring that she would remain their slave.

The 39-year-old brother, his 36-year-old sister, and their 60-year-old mother, who remain unnamed, began beating and starving Adelina, forcing her to sleep on the veranda with their pet rottweiler. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the Muslim family’s neighbor heard Adelina’s bloodcurdling screams that anyone discovered the horrors the slave suffered on a daily basis.

According to the BBC, a neighbor recorded footage of Adelina’s suffering after hearing her tortuous screams, including capturing the young woman starving to death and being forced to sleep outside with the Muslim family’s dog. The anonymous neighbor then reported the horrific abuse to politician Steven Sim, who sent authorities over to the family’s home on February 10 to rescue the dying slave.

Unfortunately, Adelina died just hours later on February 11 from a combination of severe untreated wounds from physical torture, animal bites, exposure, and malnutrition from being slowly starved to death. Medical professionals confirmed that the young woman also had pus oozing out of horrific wounds on her arms and legs. Some speculate that the Muslim family had torture Adelina with a strong cleaning agent, causing severe chemical burns to her extremities.

Neighbors Hear Muslim Family's Black Slave Screaming, What They Find Next Is Horrifying
Adelina (pictured) died hours after her rescue, succumbing to starvation, exposure, and gruesome physical torture at the hands of her Muslim “employers.” (Photo Credit: Steven Sim/Handout)

The 26-year-old’s death prompted the police to charge the Muslim siblings with murder, although the pair maintains that they never mistreated or abused Adelina aside from slapping her “once or twice,” according to Free Malaysia Today News. It is unclear whether the elderly mother will face charges as well.

“Adelina’s death and treatment made Malaysians very angry,” Mr Sim told BBC Indonesia. “Adelina’s condition was weak and she had severe injuries on her hand. She said that for the last month she was forced to sleep outside with her employer’s dog, not fed and subjected to persecution,” he said.

Neighbors Hear Muslim Family's Black Slave Screaming, What They Find Next Is Horrifying
Adelina (pictured) was not only tortured and starved but also forced to sleep outside with the family’s pet rottweiler. (Photo Credit: Steven Sim/Handout)

Adelina’s death sheds light on the widespread issue of slavery in Malaysia, causing international outrage over her plight. However, thanks to Malaysia’s Muslim majority and the spread of Sharia law, slavery won’t be eradicated so easily. In fact, volunteers explained that when they arrived to pick up Adelina for medical treatment, even she knew that exposing her owners’ abuse could backfire.

“Her condition was so severe that she was afraid to tell us what happened to her,” said one volunteer.

Although Malaysia has laws in place that prohibit slavery and protect servants’ human rights, they are rarely enforced, allowing the Muslim majority to enslave and abuse their hired help. To date, Malaysian households employ more than 200,000 immigrants from Indonesia alone, which the latter nation has attempted to ban altogether.

Of course, the major reason that Malaysia is having trouble eradicating slavery is due to Islam’s fundamentals concerning the basic human rights of unbelievers. Until his death, the prophet Muhammad owned dozens of black slaves, along with his Jewish sex slaves. However, his African servants were used for manual labor rather than fulfilling his sick sexual fantasies.

There came a slave and pledged allegiance to Allah’s Apostle on migration; he (the Holy Prophet) did not know that he was a slave. Then there came his master and demanded him back, whereupon Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) said: Sell him to me. And he bought him for two black slaves, and he did not afterwards take allegiance from anyone until he had asked him whether he was a slave (or a free man) (Sahih Muslim 3901).

In fact, Muhammad once preached from a pulpit that was constructed by an African slave which he ordered to build, painting a sinister picture of Islam’s foundation on slavery.

The Prophet sent for a woman from the emigrants and she had a slave who was a carpenter. The Prophet said to her “Order your slave to prepare the wood (pieces) for the pulpit.” So, she ordered her slave who went and cut the wood from the tamarisk and prepared the pulpit, for the Prophet. When he finished the pulpit, the woman informed the Prophet that it had been finished. The Prophet asked her to send that pulpit to him, so they brought it. The Prophet lifted it and placed it at the place in which you see now. (Bukari 47:743)

Although slavery is a global issue that occurs in many cultures, only one major religion sanctions it. Unfortunately, as long as Islam is practiced according to the Quran and the way Muhammad modeled it, slavery will always be justified in the Muslim world.

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