New Jersey Father’s T-Shirt Goes Viral When People See The Desperate Message On It

When a New Jersey man took a trip to Disney World with his family, he had more on his agenda than just seeing Mickey Mouse. In fact, he has a desperate plea that he decided to plaster on his shirt, hoping that the right person would see it, and the reaction is more than he ever expected. Now, his vacation picture is going viral after people saw the message written on his T-shirt.

Robert Leibowitz (left) took a trip to Disney World with his family wearing a t-shirt with a desperate message on it (right) (Photo source: Screengrab/ MSN)

Sixty-year-old Robert Leibowitz has been battling chronic kidney disease for over three years now. While he has been on a waiting list for a transplant, he decided to take a trip to the happiest place on Earth with his family to create memories while he can.

During their vacation, he figured it was a perfect time to wear a unique t-shirt his daughter made for him that donned an interesting message. His t-shirt read, “In Need Of Kidney. O Positive. Call 917-597-2651”. Now, Leibowitz is receiving shocking responses that he did not see coming.

A stranger, identified as Rocio Sandoval, approached the sick man after noticing his shirt and asked if she could snap a picture and post it to her Facebook. Leibowitz’s kidney request is now going viral, thanks to Sandoval’s idea to share it with the world.

“On our way out we saw this man pushing a teenage boy in a wheelchair. Juan asked if we could snap a picture to share online, this man turned around with the biggest smile, so grateful and said, ‘Yes, please!’ He gave us both a hug and said, ‘Thank you, please share this with the world,’” Sandoval wrote on her Facebook. [Source: MSN]

The photo Rocio Sandoval snapped of Robert Leibowitz’s shirt at Disney World (Photo Source: Facebook)

The photo posted by Sandoval has been shared now over 90,000 times. Since Leibowitz has O type blood, his wait time for a new kidney is around seven years, and his search so far has been unsuccessful. However, with Sandoval’s help, he could find a donor could be sooner than he expected. While the single dad is on dialysis three times a week, this kind of positive exposure that has been pouring in is just what he needs.

Leibowitz has spoken out about all the support he has been receiving from all over the world and how heartwarming it is for him to see. “It’s been an amazing opportunity for me,” Leibowitz said, according to Inside Edition. “The outpour of love has been amazing, right now it’s hurry up and wait,” Leibowitz continued. “It’s nerve-racking, draining, but it’s a great place to be in. It’s more hope than I ever had. I spoke to great people.”

People have already started going through the application process to see if they are a match with Leibowitz. Even though the process can take months, he is just grateful to have so much support from all over the country. In a time where there is so much negativity, it is refreshing to see people coming together for a great cause. We hope that Leibowitz finds a match so that he can have a healthy life with his kids.

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