New Jersey Goes Beyond Sanctuary Status, Gives Illegals Truckloads Of Your Money

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As President Donald Trump cracks down on illegals, liberal-run states bend over backward to help them. The governor of New Jersey just signed a law that once again proves Democrats care more about illegals than American citizens. Now, they will be able to apply for this major aid.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is taking sanctuary status to a whole new level. (Photo Credit: John W. Iwanski/FlickrPhil Murphy/Flickr)

Liberals don’t like to talk about the ugly truth of illegal immigration. People who come here illegally create a massive burden on our society. They don’t pay taxes, taking jobs at very low wages. That results in rapidly-disappearing jobs for American workers. Apparently, Democrats don’t mind when Americans can’t pay their bills. Maybe that’s why they also want to raise taxes.

But as illegals enjoy tax-free labor, they receive numerous government benefits. Illegal aliens in liberal states enjoy free education, healthcare, and in some cases, food stamps and housing. Democrats do everything they can to provide for these law-breakers. Why? Because they want them to vote Democrats (despite the inconvenient fact that illegals aren’t supposed to vote).

Democrats don’t want legal immigrants coming into this country. People who work hard to follow the rules will be less likely to blindly follow the left. It’s in the Democrats’ best interests to keep illegals harassed, poor, and oppressed. But that won’t stop them from dishing out more of your hard-earned money to buy illegals’ favor.

The governor of New Jersey just passed a law that will hand over millions of dollars to illegal aliens. Now, college-aged illegals can benefit from state financial aid to attend the college of their choice. Many American students do not qualify, but your money is being used to help people who came here illegally. Think about that.

The governor of New Jersey signed a law Wednesday allowing illegal aliens to apply for state financial aid programs to help pay for college beginning this fall, and the state has wasted no time in implementing it…

Illegal aliens—including Dreamers brought to the U.S. illegally as children—can apply for financial aid if they graduated from a New Jersey high school, attended high school in New Jersey for at least three years, and promise to legalize their immigration status, according to the NJ Higher Education Student Assistance Authority’s website.

“We know New Jerseyans support the ability of our Dreamers to not only remain in our state but to become a strong and contributing part of our society and our economy,” Gov. Phil Murphy (D) said in a statement shortly after signing the bill Wednesday at a ceremony on the Rutgers University campus in Newark. “By allowing them to not only go to college but to qualify for financial assistance, we are living up to that ideal.” [Source: Breitbart]

Oh yeah? Show of hands: how many New Jersey residents support Dreamers sticking around as they suck up your tax dollars for government benefits? I’m guessing there’s not as many as Murphy believes there to be.

It’s rich that the law requires illegals to “promise” to become legal. Riiiight. They’ll get on that, right after you cut them your check. New Jersey is basically bribing illegals to follow the rules.

Um, shouldn’t that be the other way around? Require illegals to go through the system. The ones that do can qualify for aid. What’s going to make them want to do it after you give them the money (especially since reporting their illegal status might get them deported)? Obviously, Gov. Murphy doesn’t think any of them will do that.

Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Parsippany), criticized the bill after its passage, saying that being a “compassionate state” does not necessarily mean that the state has to give unlimited government benefits to illegal aliens.

“We are a compassionate state and want to see every student succeed and reach his or her full potential,” Webber said in a statement. “But we and our taxpayers have limited resources, and enormous educational benefits already are provided to non-citizens. Compassion does not compel us to provide limitless public benefits to anyone who finds himself within our borders.” [Source: Breitbart]

I lived in New Jersey for many years, and those scumbag politicians are not compassionate. Democrats promise up and down to improve the lives of citizens, but when elected to office, they do crap like this. They take hard-earned tax dollars from citizens and give them to illegals.

Financial aid from the government is hard to get. Many students do not qualify, because their parents earn “too much.” Yet now, New Jersey will be handing out tuition checks for kids, whose parents never paid into the system. So much for being fair.