‘2017 New Years Resolutions For Muslims’ Video Leaves Liberals FURIOUS

Obsessed liberals have tried to demonize every single white person on the planet, with their constant lectures about “white privilege,” along with the ridiculous assertion that all white people are “racists.” After their latest smear campaign to demonize the entire white race blew up in their faces, a video was released as a New Years resolution guide for Muslims in 2017, leaving the left in a collective rage.

Right before Christmas, MTV released a video that singled out every single white man for ridicule, producing a “guide” for how they should act in 2017. The video featured liberal idiots taking turns talking to the camera and demonizing white people, saying things like “Blue Lives Matter isn’t a thing” and “America was never great for anyone who wasn’t a white guy.”

The video received so much backlash and was so condescending and racist toward white people that people from all walks of life decried the video, prompting MTV to finally take it down. Now, a hilarious parody video has been released by one of America’s most favorite anti-Islam activists, Robert from BombIslam.com, and his message for Muslims in 2017 is so spot on with fact, liberals everywhere will soon be flipping their lid over the video’s brutal truth-filled message.

The following video, 2017 New Years Resolutions For Muslims, provides a guide for how Muslims should conduct themselves this coming year, as a slap in the face to every Muslim-pandering idiot in America. Check it out:

What an epic way to expose the truth about a group of people who pose the largest threat to human civilization, while throwing the left’s BS right back into their faces. The threat to humanity isn’t “white guys,” as the left would love for you to believe, but Muslim extremists who continue to carry out attacks in the name of their pedophilic prophet.

We need more young voices like Robert’s in America, as a way to win over more young people who continually have their feeble minds propagandized and inundated with the left’s rhetoric, with many demonized simply for being born white.

H/T [The BlazeFury News]

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