New York Governor Betrays Entire Country, Here Are The 7 Criminals He Pardoned

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made it clear this week that he cares more about criminals than American citizens. His state protects criminals who would otherwise face justice. His latest move will put Americans in jeopardy. He disregarded our laws and way of life, just to undermine President Donald Trump.

Gov. Cuomo’s latest stunt proves he cares more about criminals than New York citizens. (Photo Credit: MTA/Flickr, Jan Sochor/LatinContent/Getty Images)

Democrats have made clear one thing: they do not care about Americans. Their entire platform in the Age of Trump is to obstruct the president’s MAGA agenda. That agenda is all about bringing jobs back to the United States, keeping Americans safe, and restoring our dignity around the world.

Only a fool would oppose such ideas. Enter the Democrats. These vindictive, selfish, and un-American hacks do anything to stop President Trump from putting Americans first. For decades, corrupt liberals have bent over backward for foreign countries, special interests, and globalists. They passed laws that shipped American jobs overseas. The jobs that were left were given to illegal immigrant labor, whom the Democrats allowed in.

Why would American politicians allow such attacks on our way of life? Because it benefited them. Now, with Trump undoing decades of abuse, the Democrats are losing their minds. They have zero plans to help Americans. All they can do is lie, fight, and break the law.

Earlier this year we were shocked when the mayor of Oakland warned criminal aliens about an ICE raid. She put the lives of illegal aliens — most of whom were dangerous criminals — ahead of law enforcement officers and Americans.

When that happened, we thought we’ve seen it all. Then the idiot Governor of New York did this:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo pardoned several illegal immigrants Monday in order to help them avoid deportation.

The New York Democrat, who is up for re-election this year, pardoned seven people who had minor criminal convictions, ranging from petty larceny to drug possession, his office said…

“At a time when President Trump and the Federal government are waging a war on our immigrant communities, New York stands firm in our belief that our diversity is our greatest strength,” Cuomo said in a statement. [Source: Fox News]

Cuomo is so full of crap it’s coming out of his ears. Because Trump is cracking down on illegal immigration, this clown thinks he can pardon people with actual criminal records. Not because they’ve reformed, but because they are illegal aliens. Let that sink in for a minute.

If these were American citizens who broke the law, they’d go to jail. They would face the full penalty for their actions. But because these criminals are also illegal immigrants (another crime), the governor is giving them a Get-Out-of-Deportation Free card.

Am I taking crazy pills?

Cuomo is clearly doing this as a stunt. He is trying to make the president look bad by pardoning convicted felons. Sorry, Cuomo, it doesn’t work that way. President Trump is protecting our borders and making sure that every man, woman, and child in America is safe from vile drug dealers, rapists, and murderers. You? You’re pardoning the very people who want to hurt us.

Then Cuomo has the audacity to defend criminal aliens as part of our “immigrant communities.” Nope. My family — who came here legally from Italy — is a part of the immigrant community. They worked hard, followed the laws, and helped build this country. Do not insult them by grouping us with people who broke the law to get here, take government handouts, and contribute to the growing rise in crime. You’re a pathetic liar, Cuomo.

Get a load of the gems this clown pardoned.

Frank Barker, 43, was among those pardoned Monday, according to the governor’s office. He was convicted for criminal possession of stolen property and controlled substances and identity theft which stemmed from a drug addiction.

Also pardoned are: Jose Rafael Cruz, 53, who was convicted of a sale of a controlled substance; Ludames De La Cruz, 53, who was convicted for an attempted sale of a controlled substance; Elpidio Rodriguez, 57, who was convicted of criminal possession of a controlled substance and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated; Tamar Samuda, 35, who was convicted nearly two decades ago for low-level assault and petit larceny; Marino Soto, 43, who was convicted of criminal possession of a controlled substance; and Carlos Suarez, 41, who was convicted for petit larceny. [Source: Fox News]

These are exactly the kinds of people we don’t want walking the streets of New York. Not only should they face jail time, but they should be deported! But Cuomo is giving them a free pass — people who robbed, drove while intoxicated, used drugs, and stole people’s identities. Good job, Andrew.

It’s clear the left doesn’t care about our well-being. They only care about illegal immigrants, whom they hope will eventually vote for them. American votes no longer matter. Democrats can’t convince enough real citizens to support their toxic policies. So, they seek to import a welfare class from South America who will do their bidding. Perhaps it’s time Cuomo was kicked to the curb.