WATCH: New York Thug Brutally Assaults Woman In Front Of Her Kids, Instantly Regrets It

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A shocking video has emerged out of New York where a violent thug brutally assaulted a complete stranger in front of her young children as they exited a subway train. Now, the clip has gone viral after a few bystanders, who saw the mother of three getting beaten, rushed to her defense and made the thug instantly regret laying hands on her.

Screenshots from the video footage (Photo Credits: Twitter/Allison Papson)

According to local news source NBC4, the shocking incident took place on Thursday, November 16, 2017. Police said the 29-year-old woman who was attacked was with her three children ages 1, 4, and 8 years old. The woman and her children were exiting the southbound 6-train around 7:15 p.m. when Ramel Jefferson threatened her with a bottle. The thug’s ugly threats quickly turned into a horrific act of violence that the victim’s young children were forced to watch as their mother was attacked.

Jefferson, who was heavily intoxicated, reportedly followed the woman and her children off the train at the Hunts Point Avenue station. This is when he punched the victim in the face before pushing her into a bench. Bystanders told police that Jefferson continued the horrific attack as he dragged the victim by her hair and shoved her into a pole before several witnesses jumped in to help.

Jefferson was about to get the lesson of a lifetime. He could not have been more wrong about putting his hands on a woman in the middle of the Bronx subway station. As he quickly learned, the men who reside in that part of town aren’t afraid to handle business when it’s necessary.

One bystander named Allison Papson was standing nearby and captured the moment that a few good men came to the rescue on her phone. “I was rushing to catch the six train. When I got to the platform the train was stopped,” Papson said as she described the shocking incident. “The man fell to the floor and another passenger started kicking the man,” she added.

When describing the victim who had taken refuge with her children inside of a train car, Papson said, “She just looked distraught and in pain. The kids were very young. I don’t think they knew what was going on.” In the video, a few men can be seen dishing out punishment on the thug, and rightfully so.

According to News 12, the subway heroes continued to punch, kick, and shove 58-year-old Jefferson until officers from the New York Police Department arrived. One person in the graphic video can be heard yelling, “No one is going to stop that?” As the men pummeled Jefferson, another bystander can be heard saying, “No, because he deserved to get his ass kicked.” I couldn’t agree more. This punk got exactly what he deserved.

Papson posted the now-viral video to her Twitter page with the following message, “Just witnessed a homeless man being beaten by subway passengers after witnesses say he hit a mother who was with her children on the 6 train at Hunts Point.” It was later shared to YouTube.

Officers can be seen in the video pulling Jefferson away from the men who were beating him and putting latex gloves on to avoid coming into contact with his blood, which was dripping from his face. After a few moments, Jefferson was wrestled to the ground by several officers and handcuffed. New York Fire Department EMT’s arrived on the scene to treat Jefferson.

Jefferson was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, assault, harassment, and endangering the welfare of a child, cops said. Police said that no one else was charged with any crime as a result of the incident. Thank God, there were a few men present who weren’t afraid to take out the trash. Hopefully, Jefferson will spend a considerable amount of time behind bars for his criminal behavior and word will quickly spread to his fellow inmates that he is in jail for beating a woman.

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