New York Times Has A New Suggestion For Gun Owners — And It’s Absolutely Insane

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Gun control advocates will never quit. They won’t be happy until all Americans are disarmed. Now, they have a better use for those firearms that keep you and your family safe. In fact, a New York Times editorial offers sage advice for what you should do with your guns. You’ll never believe this!

A New York Times article offers a new solution to gun owners. (Photo Credit: Michael Saechang/FlickrMaryland GovPics/Flickr)

Most gun control advocates spread misinformation to achieve their goals. They want Americans to believe law-abiding gun owners are the problem. Pointing to crimes statistics, they lead people to believe that weak gun laws are to blame, ignoring the fact that criminals don’t follow gun laws or any laws for that matter.

Proponents of gun control ignore that fact that the places with the worst gun violence also happen to be “gun-free zones.” Funny how that happens. Gun violence occurs where people aren’t allowed to legally own guns. It’s almost as if the criminals know that and take advantage of the fact citizens are defenseless.

Gun control advocates continue to invent new reasons for you to give up your guns. In a recent New York Times article, they encourage a wonderful program. In Connecticut, people are melting down their guns to make garden tools — because nothing scares a home invader quite like a spade! Notice my sarcasm.

A New York Times editorial presents the idea of buying back guns, melting them down, and reforging them into garden tools. The idea did was not born at the NYT, rather it is the result of various gun control groups working to reduce the number of guns in circulation in America.

For example, NYT reports Connecticut’s New Haven Police Department did a buyback “in cooperation with RAWtools Inc., a gun safety program that specializes in breaking apart firearms and reforging gun barrels into safer things.” This opens the door for “prison inmate volunteers” to “transform surrendered weapons into gardening tools to be provided to schools so students can plant and harvest vegetables for soup kitchens.” [Source: Breitbart]

Oh, Hallelujah! Finally, school children can grow vegetables and eat soup! All because those ugly guns are being destroyed. Has there ever been a more ridiculous example of hippie idiocy?

Would you want to surrender your gun, so someone can grow beans? Grow all the beans that you want, they’re not going to help you when you’re getting mugged.

Of course, the people backing this initiative don’t have solid facts. They only push the same tired, empty-headed talking points of gun control advocates.

The new reforging approach is supported by Gun by Gun, a safety group run by private donations, and Yale-New Haven Hospital, whose emergency room chief, Gail D’Onofrio, speaks from the harshest experience: “Fewer guns means fewer deaths.” If nothing else, the forces at work in the plowshare buyback offer a humble reminder that there can be more to the gun safety issue than the monolithic standoff in Washington.

“You’re taking a weapon of death and turning it into the complete opposite, which is life,” said Steven Yanovsky of the Newtown Foundation. “So you go from a rifle or a handgun to carrots.” [Source: New York Times]

“Fewer guns means fewer deaths.” Sure. Where are the statistics that back up that idea? Obviously, these people don’t know that Pulse nightclub in Orlando, where a gun-wielding terrorist killed 50 Americans, was a gun-free zone. So the math is: one gun equals fifty deaths. But, if there was only one extra gun at the scene, used by armed security, fewer people would have died. Often more guns mean more survivors.

Gun control advocates love using slander, not facts. Yanovsky calls a gun a “weapon of death.” Um, sure, except when they are used to save lives. Criminals aren’t scared of plow shears and rakes. You’re not going to end violent crime because you grow potatoes. The only way to prevent terrorists, gangs, murderers, and muggers is with a skilled, armed community.

Far be it for these entitled, elitist liberals to understand that. They’d rather deprive Americans of their Second Amendment rights. But, hey, at least we’ll have carrots.