VIDEO: After Seeing Woman’s Newborn, Angry In-Laws Grab Hockey Sticks & Beat Her Bloody

Hard-to-watch video footage has surfaced online of the moment a woman’s angry in-laws began beating her with hockey sticks shortly after she gave birth to a baby. When they saw what she had delivered, their outrage apparently grew to such levels that they felt compelled to dish out a bloody assault.

Horrifying footage shows the moment a woman is beaten with hockey sticks by her in-laws.

Thirty-five-year-old Meena Kashyap of India had been married for two years, during which time she was often forced to suffer violent beatings at the hands of her in-laws. Last year and again in April of this year, she told police she was being abused by the family in a dowry dispute that had apparently continued long after her wedding day.

However, this was the least of Meena’s worries on the day she gave birth to a baby girl instead of the boy her in-laws had hoped for. The family became furious once again and grabbed hockey sticks to exact a painful attack on the new mother.

Meena can be seen cowering against a wall and screaming in pain as two men identified as her brother-in-law and his friend repeatedly whack her with the sticks.

The footage, apparently filmed by a neighbour, sparked outrage after emerged on social media.

Police in Patiala, Punjab, said they are bringing charges against Meena’s husband Daljit Singh, his brother Kamaljeet, and a friend named only as Gaurav.

But the victim’s family have demanded to know why police allegedly failed to act on previous complaints of violence at the hands of her in-laws. [Source: The Sun]

WARNING: The video below may be upsetting to some viewers.

This horrifying video footage is indicative of the fact that women are regarded as second-class citizens in countries with a prevalent Islamic community like India, which has the second largest population of Muslims in the world.

Sadly, women in these countries are often treated worse than household pets. Indeed, most would never beat their dog the way the Indian woman in the clip above was so savagely attacked, and all for simply giving birth to a baby girl.

This is the sort of injustice feminists on the left would be fighting if their cause was worth its salt. But, instead, they are marching against the NRA while employing the protection of armed guards and donning pink knitted pussy hats in protest of the President of the United States. What an utterly worthless use of their time when so many women around the world – women like the victim in this video – are truly deserving of their attention.

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