News Anchor’s Reaction To Kardashian Story STUNS Viewers, But You Might Agree

A Florida news anchor had an interesting reaction to seeing a story about the Kardashian family coming up next on his broadcast which left viewers stunned, but it had many people saying it’s about time someone said what he did.

On Friday, the anchor for an Orlando Fox affiliate lost his cool after seeing that yet another story was being aired about the family, which many Americans are tired of hearing about, and he went on an epic rant expressing his frustrations. When WOFL-TV anchor John Brown saw that his station was about to cover the Kardashian’s new pet rabbit, of all things, he couldn’t take it anymore, and he walked off the set as soon as it came up.

“I’m having a good Friday, so I refuse to talk about the Kardashians today,” Brown said as he walked off-screen, leaving his colleagues laughing. “You are on your own, Amy. I’ve had enough Kardashians. I can’t take anymore Kardashians on this show.”

Brown’s co-anchor was joined on the couch by another colleague to replace him, but even being off the set, Brown continued on his tirade.

“I don’t care. I’m sick of this family,” he shouted to the laughter of his colleagues.

“It’s a non-story! We’re talking about this family every freaking day on this show!” Brown continued. “Nobody cares about this family anymore! It’s enough! It’s Friday! I want to have a good Friday! I don’t want to talk about the Kardashians! Nobody cares about the Kardashians.”

We agree, John. But apparently his colleagues didn’t, and they called him out on live TV.

“That’s not true,” Brown’s replacement said. “They get good ratings. People watch this stuff.”

His temporary replacement added that Brown “looked like a tomato” off-set, as his female co-anchor noted that it’s a good thing “it’s Friday for him.”

I’m with John, nobody cares about the Kardashians or their freak show of a father, and it would be nice if the mainstream media would stop shoving them down our throats. With so much happening in the world today, this family of entitled idiots is the last thing that needs wall-to-wall coverage, and I applaud John for saying what the rest of us have been feeling. It’s about time someone in the media had the cojones to do so.

[H/T: TheBlaze]

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