News Crew Interviews Guy At Airport, Didn’t See What It Caught Behind Him

News Crew Interviews Guy At Airport, Didn't Realize What Else It Caught Behind Him
Screenshot from live footage

A news crew stopped an incoming passenger at the airport to talk with him live on television. With all attention on the traveler, they didn’t realize what else their recording caught until after it aired, leaving viewers in complete disbelief of what happened right behind the guy.

The man in the interview is a professional athlete in Norway, and he caught the eye of a reporter who was awaiting his arrival at the luggage carousel. The news crew for the Norwegian TV2’s Sports Center had no clue what was going on with the woman in the background, just behind the athlete and to his right. It wasn’t until the clip was played back at the station that they realized the strange event, and anchors began demanding to know what happened to the stranger.

As the interviewee is gabbing about sports stuff, a very brief interaction between the blonde woman and a brunette completely steals the scene. Pushing a luggage cart, the brunette, who appears to be an airport employee, slowly passes by the blonde woman, and the two exchange a couple of words. It’s hard to tell for sure, but the employee seems to have asked the traveler a question.

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The employee continues on her way, pushing the cart a step or two past the woman, when in a blink of an eye, the blonde woman appears to completely vanishes from the scene. Seemingly disappearing into thin air, she’s gone without a trace. Sports Center anchors replayed the clip over several times to try to understand what happened to this woman, but they couldn’t agree on a conclusion. Evidently, the Internet can’t figure it out for certain either, as the short footage has been viewed almost 5 million times in just four days.

The debate rages on about this traveler’s disappearing act, which is most likely a perfectly timed walk-off, where she’s in exact step with the employee, creating an optical illusion. However, the theories are almost as strange as the clip, from people claiming she’s a magician to far-out conspiracies of an alien abduction. We may never know for sure, but with skills like some claim this woman possesses, she could sure save herself a lot on airfare.

h/t: [Uproxx]