NFL Coaches & Players Get Massive Reality Check, Hits Them Where It Hurts The Most

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Week after week, the anthem protests by racist NFL players continue as more and more fans reach their breaking point. It started as frustration and anger but resulted in life-long fans boycotting one of their favorite pastimes and traditions. The entitled players and coaches have acted like they have absolutely nothing to lose, but they are now getting a massive reality check that’s hitting them where it hurts the most.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (left) gets poll results following anthem protests by NFL players (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube, Brett Carlsen/Getty Images Sport)

Things have never been worse for the NFL, but they do not seem too phased by the downward spiral they are on. Ever since the players decided, as a league, they wanted to fight alleged racial injustice and police brutality, becoming social justice warriors on the field, it has done far more harm than good. As a matter of fact, not one ounce of good has come from the protesting. Instead, all it has done is divide a nation because fans tune in to watch football not be lectured by a bunch of entitled millionaires.

Typically, if players were to engage in this protests on the field, one would expect there would be fines and suspensions. However, for some strange reason, all the coaches, sponsors, and owners decided to let these whining athletes “take a knee” or even avoid the national anthem all together with no consequences as patriotic Americans warned it would be the downfall of the NFL. Even though the big men in charge didn’t feel it then, they are about to feel it now. Poll results are in, and they are putting the anthem protesting into a shocking perspective.

The National Football League is taking some hits these days.  A new Fox News Poll finds that since 2013, the league’s favorable rating has dropped 18 points.

Today, 46 percent of voters have a positive view of the N.F.L. while 41 percent view it negatively.  Four years ago (the last time the question was asked), 64 percent had a positive view of the league and 19 percent were critical.

The downward shift on favorability comes mainly from Republicans (-37 points), whites (-23 points), men (-23 points), and independents (-14 points).

Majorities of Democrats and nonwhites continue to have a favorable view of the N.F.L, yet there’s also a drop in favorability among these groups. Positive sentiment among Democrats is down 6 points (66 percent in 2013 to 60 percent now) while among nonwhites it is down 3 (64-61 percent). [Source: Fox News]

With these results, you have to wonder how much longer the tactics of entitled athletes will be allowed to go on. Having such a drastic drop in favorability ratings is sure to cost the league unimaginable amounts of money, which might be the only way to bring these misguided “protests” to a screeching halt. The only thing these money hungry monsters like more than attention is their money, and quite simply, with no fans, there is no money.

Shockingly, it would not be hard to end this appalling habit that has been allowed to plague the field; namely, all the NFL would have to do is follow their operations manual. It is a simple as that. The Washington Post reports what the manual states, “All players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem” and “stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking” or face discipline “such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s).”

Even though the players have a constitutional right to engage in speech that is offensive to millions of Americans, the First Amendment does not protect them from the consequences of their offensive speech. They can pretend all they want that they walk on water, but in reality, they are all replaceable. There are thousands of other men working tirelessly to fulfill their dreams of playing in the NFL who would take a whining players spot in a heartbeat and would also stand for the national anthem.

These owners and coaches need to stand up to their entitled, whining athletes, especially if they want to keep their millions of dollars. There’s a time for protests, and on the field, while doing your job, isn’t it. They can do that on their own time — and it speaks volumes that they don’t, instead choosing to do something that changes nothing other than giving them a little more attention. America has spoken, with a loud eighteen points, and we are fed-up. We have made it clear, if they keep it up, eventually they won’t even be on the field to protest because no one will be watching, which means no one will be paying them to play.