Outrageous! After Betraying NFL Fans, You Won’t Believe What Goodell Is Demanding Now

The NFL is hardly in a good position. After two seasons of players insulting our flag and National Anthem, interest in the sport is at an all-time low. Fans are outraged that these highly-paid athletes would insult our country. Worse still are the league’s owners, who do nothing to stop them. However, you won’t believe what Roger Goodell is now demanding.

After refusing to confront the protest controversy, Goodell is making huge demands from the NFL. (Photo Credit: SSG Teddy Wade via Wikimedia Commons/Empty Seats Galore on Twitter)

The controversy started last year after a now out-of-work Colin Kaepernick started to kneel during the National Anthem. He claimed it was to protest the United States for what he claimed are wrongdoings against African-Americans, despite his charmed life and incredibly salary. The movement spread throughout the league, with many more players refusing to acknowledge our country and flag.

Like so many of you, fans across America were shocked. These entitled players were insulting the very country that lets them play a sport for a living. What was even more shocking was the response from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. He essentially did nothing to end the protests during the Anthem. Instead of punishing players for disrespecting the country and requiring athletes to stand, he enabled them.

Now, people are shocked to learn what Goodell is demanding in his contract renegotiations. According to Fox News, Goodell wants $50 million a year, in addition to a lifetime use of a private jet. That’s not to mention other perks for his entire family.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly has requested nearly $50 million per year in addition to the lifetime use of a private jet amid contract negotiations with the league.

Goodell, whose proposed contract with the NFL currently is undergoing an approval process, asked the league’s compensation committee in August to raise his salary from $30 million to $49.5 million per year, ESPN reported Sunday.

Goodell also reportedly asked to use a private jet for life, and also requested lifetime health insurance for his family. [Source: Fox News]

This is a pretty bad time for Goodell to be renegotiating his contract. There are many, many fans who would like to see this guy booted from the league. After such a pathetic display, failing to confront the Anthem protests, Goodell wants a raise, a private jet, and lifetime health insurance. Those are some pretty sweet perks, but does he deserve it?

Keep in mind that because of the protests — protests he refused to end — NFL viewership is down. Americans are disgusted by the lack of respect so many players are showing to the flag. In fact, ticket sales continue to drop, as week after week, fans aren’t showing up at the games, and images frequently posted to social media show just how bad it is, with copious amounts of empty seats noticed in stadiums all across the country.

In fact, the Twitter account “Empty Seats Galore” was born of the social media trend. When fans create a Twitter account to keep track of the empty seats, you should really consider fixing your sport. Yet, the NFL isn’t giving Goodell the boot, but considering a raise and extra perks. You can’t even make this stuff up.

This isn’t sitting well with team owners, as you could imagine, who are demanding the right to weigh in on the issue.

The commissioner currently is embattled with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has threatened to sue the NFL if negotiations regarding Goodell’s contract extension are finalized without approval from all NFL team owners…

An unnamed NFL owner told ESPN… “That number for Roger just seems too much. It’s offensive. It’s unseemly.” [Source: Fox News]

Others say Goodell is defiant about his role in the league and refuses to take a pay cut or step down. That’s simply unbelievable. A man who is helping destroy this beloved sport, a man who refuses to be a leader and deal with serious issues in the league, a man whose actions might lead to the death of the NFL — this man is demanding such a large raise and benefits.

It’s hard to imagine that the NFL will give in to his demands. If they don’t correct the bad press generated by the Anthem protests, viewership and support will only continue to drop. How long before TV networks drop the NFL for other programming? How long before fans stop showing up to games entirely? This is a problem that won’t go away. Yet, the head of the league only wants more money. That’s what I call stupidity.

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