America, We Have An NFL-National Anthem Protest Problem — Here’s The Solution

America is facing a big problem within the NFL; namely, the increasing and seemingly constant protests of our national anthem that’s leaving many fans furious and creating controversy. Football Sunday has turned into a day of political discord instead of a moment to break from the weekly hustle and stress. Everyone seems to have something to say about it if you take a look at social media, but few are offering solutions, so we got one for you.

President Donald Trumps speaks about his disappointment regarding the national anthem protests occurring within the NFL (left), one of many protests that took place during the first games following President Trump’s brutal honesty about the behavior (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/CNN, Screengrab/YouTube)

First and foremost, most of us grew up being told there were two things you should never enter a discussion about at work — religion and politics. Apparently, this isn’t something the entitled brats of the NFL who are taking a knee or cowardly hiding in the locker room as a form of protest were taught. Let’s be clear here, those overpaid players are on the job during their protest, representing their company and employer.

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Your place of employment isn’t where you should be staging any protest, especially a political one. You can protest all you want on your own time, but if any of us common folk pulled a political stunt while on the job, during our workday, we’d be fired. If we’re being honest, most of us would be fired for so much less. Every American is free to protest, but when you are paid to work, you should do your job. That applies to the overpaid man-child who gets to play games for a living.

Although this seems to be common sense to those of us who are basically paying their salaries with our support of their teams, the owners and coaches don’t seem to get it or hear our message. You know what? As much as we hate it, that’s their right. A business owner in America has every right to run their business how they see fit. And, the owners within the NFL are letting us know where they stand — or in this case, sit. So, it’s time to stop talking about it and do something about it instead.

They have the right to run their business according to their beliefs, just like those of us on the right said Christian bakers should. So, what’s the solution? Well, in the case of Christian bakers, what did we suggest? We told those who didn’t like it to take their business elsewhere. I know what you’re thinking; namely, where’s that when it’s becoming nearly the entire NFL and every team? Well, we have the perfect solution not just for you but for another population within our country that deserves our support.

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Like we said, every individual has the right to decide whether they will stand for the anthem. Unfortunately for those who don’t seem to mind infuriating their fans, those fans also have the right not to watch this “glorified, watered down kids game that’s played for millions of dollars,” as a dear friend so eloquently put it. So, let’s quit watching, quit buying their merchandise and tickets, and quit supporting their sponsors, but more importantly, let’s put that money to better use.

It’s time to support our future and our communities, and guess what, I bet your community has its own football team. Go watch your high school sports. Support your local athletics clubs. These kids play with heart and a true love for the game rather than for a paycheck. They are our future. Let’s get involved there, show our support there, and teach them the values that the whiny NFL brats with their big salaries don’t seem to get.

At our public school, parents and teachers do a “tailgate” party for the kids, bringing good food and giving us a chance to connect. Parents, students, and teachers come together and get to know one another. It creates a sense of community that you aren’t going to get sitting in front of your television watching the big game on Sunday. No blood boiling and Monday morning moaning about the unwanted agendas shoved down our throats. Doesn’t that seem like time better spent?

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Or, we can just keep complaining about it as yet another snickering sports-star decides to join the ranks of the endless list of protesters within the NFL. That’s really changed things for us thus far, hasn’t it? Actions speak louder than words, and it’s time to act or stop complaining. They’ve shown us where they sit. Let’s show them where we stand. The bleachers of our local high school on Friday night sounds like the perfect place to start.

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