After NFL Players Protest Cops, Coach’s Surprise Slaps Satisfaction Off Their Faces

After NFL Players Protest Cops, Coach's Surprise Slaps Satisfaction Off Their Faces
Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy decided to counter the anti-police sentiment infecting NFL players.

As the political agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement spreads, professional athletes are perpetuating the propaganda by disrespectfully protesting the National Anthem to send a hateful message to our law enforcement. However, one coach decided to show privileged players what happens when entitled, multi-million-dollar hypocrites dishonor his country.

While athletes like San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall happily collect their fat checks, at the same time indoctrinating today’s aspiring youth athletes to stand against the officers who risk their lives to protect them, one athletic director is showing professional athletes everywhere how a real man responds to such asinine stigma surrounding our brothers and sisters in blue.

Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy was deeply disturbed by the entitled behavior of out-of-touch players concerning the falsified information propagated by anti-police campaigns. Instead threatening to punish his players for exercising their freedom of expression, regardless of how misinformed their reasoning may be, he used his same freedom to support law enforcement in a major way.

According to Bleacher Report, McCarthy and the Packers announced they will donate $200,000 to the recently formed Green Bay Police Foundation. McCarthy explained that his motivation for giving such a generous amount to this particular agency is to “be part of the solution to make our community better.”

After NFL Players Protest Cops, Coach's Surprise Slaps Satisfaction Off Their Faces
McCarthy and the Packers announced that they are donating $200,000 to the newly formed Green Bay Police Foundation.

“This is a very difficult time for our country and really need [a] program like this that bring people together, bring communities together, particularly public safety and community members, and really start listening to each other and having a discussion instead of trying to win the debate,” McCarthy said in a statement. “This is something that could well be a role model for other cities around the country.”

Of course, anti-police athletes are donating in ways of their own, finally putting their money where their mouth is. Unfortunately, instead of standing against the real threat in the black community, these ignorant ballers are handing over millions to organizations that “address social inequalities.”

Kaepernick, who is half white and half black but apparently considers himself to be African-American, recently pledged $1 million to reportedly “raise awareness of social injustice” in the U.S. Most likely forced to donate just a small percentage of his millions since his kneeling during the National Anthem did absolutely nothing to help the black community, Kaepernick possesses a powerful platform and financial capability to actually do something about black onslaught, yet focuses on the leaky faucet as opposed to the giant hole in the dam.

After NFL Players Protest Cops, Coach's Surprise Slaps Satisfaction Off Their Faces
While professional athletes Colin Kaepernick (left) and Brandon Marshall (right) complain about police brutality, the black community is suffering the most at the hands of members of their own race.

While millionaires like Kaepernick claim to be oppressed by police and whites, the black community it being picked off one-by-one by their own kind. According to FBI statistics, 91 percent of murdered blacks are killed by other blacks while only 83 percent of murdered whites are killed by other whites. Not only are blacks killing more of their race, but blacks also kill more whites than are killed by whites.

Although the black community only makes up roughly 13 percent of the U.S. population, they commit 52 percent of all homicides.

Perhaps the most disturbing fact ignored by these anti-police activists is that even though whites kill less than blacks, whites are still statistically more likely to be victims of police brutality. Ironically, these blacks are 160 times more likely to be killed by other blacks than by police. So, when they’re gathering hundreds to protest against law enforcement, they’re statistically in more danger than in the presence of the police officers they despise so much.

Although it’s unfortunate that these black protesters are ignoring the main threat to their lives, it’s even more devastating that they’re focusing their rage and activism against those trying to protect them from their own people.

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