NFL Star Hears National Anthem Play, Fans Furious To See What He Does Next

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Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch (left), Oakland Raiders stand for the National Anthem (right) (Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Staff/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images, Thearon W. Henderson/Stringer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images)

Colin Kaepernick ruined his football career in an instant last season when he chose to take a knee during The Star-Spangled Banner instead of standing with his hand over his heart. After the backlash which ensued from Americans disgusted by his disrespectful move, his team was disgraced, and he is now an unsigned free agent. Now, over the weekend, another NFL star heard the National Anthem play, and fans were furious to see what he did next.

After seeing what happened to Kaepernick for disrespecting the country which has given him so much, you’d think other professional football players would have taken heed and learned from the mistake. Perhaps some of them did, but not Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, who sat during the national anthem over the weekend ahead of a Saturday preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Marshawn Lynch, the ex-Seattle running back who came out of retirement to sign with Oakland, sat during the national anthem before the Raiders’ preseason opener against the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday night.

Lynch, who did not play in the game, sat on an orange cooler, arms on his knees, while all others around him stood. [Source: NFL]

Raiders Coach Jack Del Rio said he was unaware of Lynch’s decision before the game but does not believe it will be a distraction.

“On Marshawn, talked to Marshawn, trying to make sure we’re on the same page,” Del Rio said. “He said, ‘This is something I’ve done for 11 years. It’s not a form of anything other than me being myself.’ I said, ‘So you understand how I feel, I very strongly believe in standing for the National Anthem. But I’m going to respect you as a man, you do your thing. We’ll do ours.’ It’s a non-issue for me.”

After Kaepernick’s scandal, it’s a bit ridiculous to think that Lynch, doing the same thing, will not be a distraction. Kaepernick’s move dominated the news cycle for months and brought nothing but bad attention to his team.

According to Fox News, Lynch previously backed Kaepernick, telling Conan O’Brien in September of 2016, “I’d rather see him take a knee than stand up, put his hands up, and get murdered.” Lynch added at the time, “If you’re really not racist then you won’t see what he done, what he’s doing, as a threat to America, but just addressing a problem that we have.”

The only problem that we seem to have is an epidemic of overpaid professional athletes who are ungrateful for everything our great country has given them. The National Anthem and the American flag are symbols of our freedom, which brave men and women have fought and died to defend. Some of these heroes have lost limbs in battle, but still manage to stand when The Star-Spangled Banner is played. These are the real role models, not blowhards like Kaepernick and Lynch.

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