Fat North Korean Dictator Proves How Unstable He Is With One Stupid Demand

Anyone with half a brain knows that communism is horrible, but thanks to Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s fat spoiled dictator, we are getting glimpses into just how disturbing communism can be for those who live under its fascist thumb. In fact, the fat North Korean dictator recently gave the world a glaring example as to why communism sucks, and all it took was one stupid law. What’s worse, it proved just how unstable he is.

Although the spoiled dictator has given us a lot to poke fun at lately, the tyrant’s new law might just take the cake. Obviously, new laws do nothing more than restricting the freedom of others to further enslave the masses. Proving just that, Kim Jong-un, the spoiled little tyrant who never matured past the age of 12, has new rules for the men in his country. They aren’t allowed to look like him, by law.

According to Express, a Finnish reporter was visiting Pyongyang for the Day of the Sun celebrations, where the barber gave him the “best shave and head massage I have ever had.” Unfortunately, the head massage wasn’t the only noteworthy thing he noticed. In addition, he snapped a rather interesting photo in a barber shop, proving North Koreans are anything but free. The photo was an approved list of hairstyles men are allowed to get in the heavily controlled state. Men can choose from 15 state-approved hairstyles for men, but guess what isn’t on that photo of recently coiffed men?

A snapshot of the hairstyles approved by Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

Upon counting, there are only 14 hairstyles on this state approved list. So, what happened on the men’s approved haircut list? Well, Kim Jong-un used to force his subjects to copy his hairstyle, but now, all that’s forbidden.

Don’t even think about copying Kim Jong-un’s haircut. The childish dictator has made it illegal in the communist country to have your hair cut in the same way as his own. However, the barber did add that there’s equality in the communist country. Equality, but not freedom. He explained, “[There is] equality in North Korea. Both sexes have 15 approved haircut models. You can forget about dyeing your hair though.” 

“Equality in North Korea.” The state-approved haircuts for women. There are also 15.

According to The Sun, social media users were quick to point out that these haircuts were nothing more than suggestions for the North Korean populace. However, that isn’t what the barber told the journalist, nor does it fall in line with the fat kid’s MO. Freedom isn’t something the tyrannical fascist in charge would ever hand back to is people.

Kim Jong-un forbids men from copying his ridiculous haircut.

Just two years ago, it was reported that Kim Jong-un was ordering men to copy his hairstyle. Anyone found to be in breach of the order is said to have faced having their hair cut by officials. Meanwhile, women were said to have been ordered to copy Jong-un’s wife’s hairstyle of choice, which is a classic bob. Isn’t communism great? The government gets complete control of everything, including your hairstyle.

It may not seem like that big of a deal, but hairstyles represent a freedom of expression and are a form of free speech. North Koreans get neither. They get to look like all the other peasants in their country. It seems like someone as unstable as Kim Jong-un (forcing men to copy his haircut, then forbidding men from copying his haircut) should back away from the missiles. This fat kid is one cupcake away from a sugar high that could devastate the earth and start WW3.

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