Satellite Images Expose Weird Activities At North Korean Nuke Test Site

Every American Needs To See The Weird Activities At N Korean Nuke Test Site
Pictured: Satellite Imagery (left & right), Kim Jong-un (center) (Photo credit: KCNA Reuters)

As tensions continue to build between North Korea and much of the rest of the world, particularly the United States, analysts recently examined new satellite images from North Korea’s nuclear test site and spotted bizarre, unexpected activity. Military experts are now scrambling to decipher the causes at the deadly weapons facility.

BBC reports that the images were taken on Sunday by a commercial satellite as officials speculated that Kim Jong-un was preparing for the sixth test of nuclear weapons. The pictures were released by 38 North, a North Korea monitoring project at John Hopkins University.

Some images “showed indications of some minor dumping from mine carts, which could indicate tunnelling work, but no active pumping of water out of the tunnel system used for nuclear testing…” experts Joseph S. Bermudez Jr., Jack Lieu, and Frank Pabian said.

It is good to learn that analyst see no signs of nuclear testing, although other surprising activities at the site indicate that the communist country is up to something else.

In a bizarre find, analysts saw evidence of volleyball games being played at three different locations. However, they believe that there is more to the games than meets the eye.

New York Times reports that analysts believe that these games are meant to send a message, although the meaning in unclear.

“It suggests that the facility might be going into a standby mode,” Joseph Bermudez told reporters on a conference call organized by 38 North, a research institute at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. “It also suggests that these volleyball games are being conducted with the North Koreans knowing that we’ll be looking and reporting on it.”

Mr. Bermudez, a veteran North Korean analyst, emphasized the ambiguity of North Korean intentions. “They’re either sending us a message that they’ve put the facility on standby, or they’re trying to deceive us,” he said. “We really don’t know.”

Kim Jon-un is postering as tensions with the Western world, especially President Donald Trump, increase daily. It is possible that the volleyball games are meant to convey a feeling of relaxed confidence during a conversation about a nuclear conflict. As more information is released in coming days, people need to know about the random activities of the rogue North Korean dictator, as he is nuclear capable, and the dangerous stakes are sky-high.

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