NRA Lost Its Backbone & Now An Avalanche Of Gun Control Is Headed Towards YOU!

We know that the left will do whatever it can to destroy our Second Amendment. Their strategy is not to openly kill it, but pass enough restrictions that few people can own firearms. One of the few groups standing in their way is the National Rifle Association. They fight to protect gun rights, but recently, it seems that the NRA has lost its backbone. They’ve backed down, leading to an avalanche of new restrictions across the country, and now, every gun-owning American needs to read this.

The NRA appears to be caving on a major issue, leading to much more gun control. (Photo Credit: joshlopezphoto/FlickrMichael Saechang/Flickr)

Gun laws vary from state to state. In some, there are virtually no restrictions on gun ownership. In others, you need to jump through many hoops just to buy one. In some of the worst regions, such as New York and Chicago, good luck even getting your hands on a gun. The only thing that prevents super liberal regions from banning guns entirely is federal mandates. When the federal government enforces the Second Amendment, the rest of the country is supposed to follow.

Often the NRA will work to ensure that the federal government is protecting its citizens’ gun rights. They usually have to fight very hard since the left all too often comes up with a variety of schemes that undermine our Second Amendment rights. So, gun rights advocates — including the NRA — must be diligent in the fight to preserve our freedoms.

Unfortunately, it looks like, in this case, the NRA is backing down. Sadly, their weakness has opened a floodgate of potential regulations. This could lead to severe restrictions on the kinds of firearms you can own and where and how you can use them. In short order, states across the country will make owning a gun completely impossible.

The end began when the NRA retreated from the fight over new bump stock regulations and Democrats were quick to seize the moment for state-level gun control, Breitbart reports, adding that “the retreat has provided safe passage for lawmakers who would otherwise be constrained to stand by the NRA for fear of political fallout.”

After “Republicans in some states signaled they would be willing to break with the National Rifle Association to support some new rules,” state-level gun control advocates became emboldened, according to The Hill.

Of course, this all ensued after the Las Vegas attack on October 1, 2017, following which “the NRA gave mixed signals by voicing opposition to federal legislation against bump stocks while releasing a statement in support of more federal regulatory control of the accessories,” Breitbart reports.

“Now two things are happening,” Breitbart further explained. “First, the ATF is working to redefine the word ‘machineguns,’ so that it will cover non-machineguns as well, thus opening the door to regulatory gun control on bump stocks. Secondly, state-level Republicans believe they now have enough leeway to support bump stock control without facing political ramifications via the NRA.”

This is scary stuff because if the ATF can redefine the word “machineguns,” what else can they redefine? Does that mean anything that looks like a machinegun will be banned? What about AR-15s? What about hunting rifles? Should we just outlaw anything with a trigger — because “machineguns” use triggers?

Make no mistake, the left is using the “bump stock” ban as a way to ban as much as they can. They don’t like the idea of Americans armed and empowered. Liberals want you as weak and defenseless as they are. Owning any kind of firearm is a threat to them. Today, it’s bump stocks. Tomorrow, it’s suppressors and scopes. The next day, it’s anything that looks like the gun.

This has led to pushes for other state-level gun controls as well, as proponents of Second Amendment restrictions seek to secure every law they can during this brief window of opportunity.

On January 15, 2018, Chris Christie (R) signed a bump stock ban as one of his last actions in office. His ban, like other Democrat-driven bans, goes beyond bump stocks to prohibit possession of certain aftermarket triggers as well. [Source: Breitbart]

Unless the federal government — strengthened by the President — steps in to end this kind of insanity, who knows where it will go. It’s clear that liberals won’t be satisfied until we are all disarmed. The question is, are we going to sit by and let it happen? Or are we going to demand action from our leaders?

Sadly, many don’t even know this is happening. Luckily, we can change that, thanks to social media. So, the first step is making sure your gun-loving friends know exactly what is going on and what’s at stake. Then, we can let our lawmakers know exactly what we think of them trying to take our rights — and there’s no better time to do that than this year’s midterm elections.

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