NRA Exposes Connecticut Governor’s SICK Plan To Kill Gun Sales In His State

Former President Barack Obama (left), Governor Dannel Malloy, D-Conn (right)

The NRA has just gone to battle with the liberal governor of Connecticut, Dannel Malloy, over his sick plan to kill off gun sales in his state. Malloy’s plot against the 2nd Amendment rights of Connecticut residents has gun owners all over the country outraged.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Governor Malloy has just proposed quadrupling a five-year renewal fee for handgun permits, using the state’s $1.7 billion deficit as justification for his dirty scheme to attack law-abiding gun owners.

Governor Dannel Malloy (D-Conn.) is getting more than he bargained for as the NRA exposes his nasty plan to kill gun sales in his state.

According to The Blaze, Malloy intends to raise the renewal fee from $70 to $300, which is over a staggering 400% increase. For first-time handgun buyers, the initial registration fee would jump from $140 to $370. This is an outright attack on the law-abiding citizens of Connecticut who want to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

The fee increase would be among the highest in the country if approved. The estimated revenue increase for the state would only be $12 million annually. It is incredulous for Malloy to expect anyone to believe that he is trying to do this to help his state’s deficit problem. Perhaps he can cut funding to the illegal aliens in his state instead of punishing taxpaying Americans.

“To single out those people who work hard, pay their taxes, and want to exercise their constitutional rights and protect their families is unfair,” Rep. Themis Klarides of Derby, the House Republican leader, told the AP.

The National Rifle Association defined the proposal as “outrageous.”

“The ability to protect and defend yourself should not be reserved only for the wealthy,” Chris Kopacki, Connecticut legislative liaison for the NRA, told the AP. “Some of our state’s poorest residents, many of whom live in high-crime neighborhoods, may not be able to afford a firearm for self-protection under Malloy’s proposed fee hikes.”

Malloy’s reaction to the exposure of his nasty plan against gun owners was unbecoming of a U.S. Governor.

“What was true was that our fee was unreasonably less expensive and, quite frankly, given the amount of work that has to be done with respect to licensure, we weren’t recovering our costs,” Malloy said. “I suspect that everyone who has a pistol permit is going to get a renewal. If you’re going to have a gun and you’re going to seek a permit, we have a fee structure.”

It doesn’t matter how Malloy wants to portray his hatred for the 2nd Amendment, he’s clearly an opportunist and is going to use every available tool to attack law-abiding gun owners in his state. I strongly disagree with this liberal governor’s underhanded tactics to strip away the constitutional rights of people who he is supposed to represent.

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