The NRA Is Now On Offense Under Trump, Here’s What They Have Planned

Donald Trump (right) was endorsed by the NRA and has said he’ll help return gun rights to the people of the United States.

For eight years, the condescending liberal elitists in power had the NRA on defense against their horrible gun policy ideas. Now that their leader Barack Obama, arguably the most anti-gun president the United States has ever seen, is out of office, the NRA has switched to playing offense under President Donald Trump to give rights back to Americans and expand gun rights across the nation, and you’re going to love their plan.

Donald Trump’s presidency was vital for the NRA. After the gun rights organization endorsed Trump and his subsequent win, pro-gun legislation is already flooding the desks of Congress. After eight years of being unable to expand rights, the NRA seeks to make up for lost time and is on track to make some great progress. In fact, the NRA sees the rejection of Hillary Clinton in the election last November as a rejection of the anti-gun sentiment expressed by leftists.

Donald Trump was endorsed by the NRA for president over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“In the 2016 election, voters rejected the Obama/Clinton gun control agenda. It’s a new day for freedom. After eight years of playing defense the NRA is now on offense and rallying our grassroots organization for the fight to expand the constitutional right of self defense,” NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker told the Washington Examiner.

And, just what sort of freedom does the NRA have planned? Well, thanks to the signal from President Trump declaring that if the Congress sends pro-gun legislation to his desk, he will sign it, there have already been several bills that should make gun owners happy in the near future.

The resolution to remove the rule instated by Obama that would report those who asked for help with finances as “unfit” to own a gun by the SSA (Social Security Administration) is already ready to be signed by President Trump, and the NRA and Congress are also moving on more freedom-laced bills.

The NRA indicated that two other bills, which both are likely to pass in the Republican-held Houses of government, are only the tip of the iceberg for gun owners. They vow to continue to try to get back the rights taken by the government during the previous Clinton and Obama administrations. The national concealed carry reciprocity act of 2017 and the removal of the $200 tax for the “crime” of buying a suppressor are only the beginning of what they hope to change.

Once these bills are all signed into law, the NRA will seek to remove other burdensome and costly regulations for gun owners. They will focus on handing the power back to the civilian and taking it away from the overbearing Federal Government. It’s horrifying that, as Americans, there are some who don’t understand “shall not be infringed,” and thanks to their weak and terrified demeanor, others have had their rights dismantled.

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