Nurse Rushes To Help Crying Migrants, Sees Nasty Surprise They Had Waiting

Nurse Rushes To Help Crying Migrants, Sees Nasty Surprise They Had Waiting
When a nurse rushed to offer help to screaming migrants, she immediately realized that she would be in need of medical assistance.

When a concerned nurse heard cries for help coming from a group of asylum seekers, she immediately rushed to their aid. However, as soon as she found the distressed migrants, she immediately realized the horrific reason they were desperately calling for assistance.

Europe is filled with countless examples of Western exceptionalism. As we’re relentlessly accused of privilege and greed, it’s the West that offers unmatched humanity and benevolence to those less fortunate around the world. While our wealth and prosperity allow us the ability to fulfill such charity, it is undeniably our values and culture that spur us to abandon self-concern for the betterment of others. Unfortunately, one such compassionate caregiver found out that not everyone is as solicitous as herself.

Medical professionals are some of the most selfless figures in our society. So, when an unnamed female nurse in Germany heard cries for help, she instinctively sprang into action without any regard for her own safety. Walking from her car from work at the Asklepios hospital in Hamburg, the 28-year-old nurse heard desperate “screams” for assistance coming from Lohmühlen park, according to Germany’s Bild newspaper. When she rushed into the dark, brush-covered area, a group of 5 African migrants jumped her.

The asylum seekers brutally beat her until she fell unconscious before sexually assaulting and mugging her. German police said there is no evidence that the men were involved in a gang, but that they were merely African migrants who carried out the heinous attack.

The migrants left the woman to die in the cold at around 10 p.m., making off with her things after engaging in the molestation. The nurse was reportedly unconscious for so long that she developed hypothermia. Incredibly, she managed to call the police when she came to hours later. She was at a higher risk for death since the migrants had torn her clothes from her body, Breitbart reports. She is lucky to be alive after the shocking attack.

Nurse Rushes To Help Crying Migrants, Sees Nasty Surprise They Had Waiting
The 28-year-old medical professional was beaten unconscious, sexually assaulted, and left to die of hypothermia by a group of 5 African asylum seekers in Lohmühlen park.

Telling police she had “vague” memories of the attack, it is reported she said her attackers spoke no German between them, were five “black Africans” between the ages of 20 to 30, with one of the men being of “giant” stature.

Although police claim that there is nothing yet to suggest that the men are recent refugees, this offers no comfort to the local residents. Migrants have caused an influx in crime and many are repeat offenders who receive paltry sentences but are never deported.

Like the rest of Germany, Hamburg is suffering the consequences of multiculturalism. Serving as a warning to the U.S., the once relatively safe city is experiencing a massive surge in sex crimes with the Syrian refugee crisis. In 2015, 45.5 percent of suspects involved in sex attacks in Hamburg were migrants. This statist shows that asylum seekers are committing a disproportionate amount of sexual assaults.

The sex crimes came to a peak in 2016, as migrants went on a sexual assault spree in Hamburg during New Year’s Eve celebrations, targeting women and young girls. A crowd of more than 1,000 men launched firecrackers at police while many others across Germany attacked defenseless women.

Officers arrested 3 Syrians, 3 Iraqis, 2 Afghans, 1 Eritrean, and 1 German for sexual assaults in Große Freiheit and Beatles Square. First responders were called to more than 2,000 incidents that night, as hundreds of offenders “with migration backgrounds” terrorized local residents.

Of those suspects identified, five were confirmed to be asylum seekers, two had the status of “toleration” meaning that they were either failed asylum seekers or illegal migrants that have avoided deportation. Some 36 of the suspects had different residential statuses, two suspects were identified as illegal migrants, and a further two had been deported after being convicted of sex crimes.

While it is a noble characteristic to want to help refugees, the left is propagating that they are mostly children and families who want nothing more than to express their gratitude for being offered security. Unfortunately, too many are perpetuating the same violence and misogyny seen in their home countries and are refusing to assimilate or even coexist.

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