2 Docs Suspended & 1 Nurse Fired Over What They Found In Patient’s Genitals During Surgery

Several medical professionals in Pennsylvania are in some serious trouble after a surgery went horribly wrong. As it turns out, at least three employees who were in the operating room are being held accountable for what they did to an unconscious patient’s genitals during surgery – but so many “professionals” took part that the hospital can’t even come up with an accurate number.

2 Docs Suspended, 1 Nurse Fired Over What They Found In Patient’s Genitals During Surgery
Stock image for visual representation (left), UPMC (right) (Photo Credit: Pixabay, Crazypaco/Wikimedia Commons)

The incident reportedly took place on December 23, 2016, when a patient walked into the UPMC Bedford Memorial Hospital with an injury to their genitals. Although we don’t know their gender, it seems that they managed to stuff an unspecified object into their private parts and weren’t able to get it out.

As one would imagine, the patient was booked for emergency surgery and sedated before medical professionals got to work. Unfortunately, things would go horribly wrong as people across the hospital caught wind of what had happened – and now, two doctors and one nurse have been suspended after what they did in between the unconscious patient’s legs.

According to Penn Live, one of the operating doctors wanted a picture of the patient’s genitals “for future medical lectures.” Although there is an operating room camera for such an occasion, medical staff say that it was broken at the time, which was later proven to be a lie, prompting someone to ask if anyone had a cell phone.

Sadly, that’s when things started to go downhill as everyone else in the room seized the opportunity to take pictures with their personal phones. However, it would only get worse as news spread throughout the hospital, prompting countless people to stop by as if it was a circus freak show – and they all wanted their own personal photo.

At one point, the operating room was so full that it “looked like a cheerleader-type pyramid,” but that didn’t slow anyone down. In fact, more and more people continued to come in, resulting in a massive line building up outside as everyone wanted to get a glimpse, which can’t be good for infection control in an environment that’s supposed to be kept as sterile as possible.

Now, the doctors involved say that the consent form that the patient signed allows medical professionals to take a photo for educational purposes. However, what it doesn’t permit is for the doctors caring for them to allow everyone and their cousin into the operating room to take pictures of their patient while they’re unconscious.

Of course, the pictures weren’t kept confidential as an investigation exposed that they were sent to many people, including other doctors and even some of the healthcare professionals’ family members – all of whom were strangers to the patient. Luckily, it seems at least one staff member had a shred of ethical decency. When they learned that the pictures were circulating, they immediately reported the incident.

Most recently, those responsible for the patient’s care have been punished for allowing the madness that transpired that day.

One surgeon was suspended for seven days; another for 28 days; and the surgical services nursing director is being replaced, the Department said. Both [doctors] also had to sit on privacy and ethics courses. [Source: Mail Online]

The hospital has since also released a statement, saying that “the behavior reported in this case is abhorrent and violates the mission of UPMC Bedford and the overall values of UPMC.” The patient has also been notified of what happened, meaning that they probably have a pretty nice lawsuit in the works.

Doctors see naked bodies on a daily basis, which probably makes this “no big deal” to them, but the fact that so many of them tried to see this particular patient proves that it was something out of the ordinary. However, whichever way they try to explain what they did, nothing can excuse such disgusting behavior. Patients are people who deserve privacy, regardless of what they shoved where.

We, as people, put our utmost trust in doctors to take care of us at all times. Sadly, that wasn’t what happened here, and to make matters worse, this patient was helplessly unconscious when they were victimized, which makes it exponentially worse. Those who can’t handle themselves appropriately when they’re trusted to uphold a certain standard have no place being in such a position — period.

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