Thug Nurses Laughed As WWII Veteran Died Begging For Help, Get Brutal Surprise From Judge

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America was shocked when video footage emerged of a WWII veteran begging for help as he lay dying in bed while two nurses and a medical assistant laughed carelessly. Now, the nurses aren’t laughing after a Georgia judge gave them a brutal surprise.

James Dempsey (left & right), Loyce Pickquet Agyeman (inset, top), Mable Turman (inset, bottom left), Wanda Nuckles (inset, bottom right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/11Alive, Facebook/Loyce Pickquet Agyeman)

According to Daily Mail, two nurses and one medical assistant from Georgia have just been hit with some brutal consequences that they won’t ever forget after letting 89-year-old WWII Veteran James Dempsey die as he pleaded for help from his bed, which was enough to make many Americans’ blood boil when the story initially went viral.

Most recently, a judge in Georgia issued arrest warrants for nurse Loyce Pickquet Agyeman, nurse Wanda Nuckles, and nursing assistant Mable Turman after indictments were handed down on Wednesday, February 21, 2018. Each of the women has been charged in connection with the death of James Dempsey after his family fought for four years to have them brought to justice.

According to local news source WXIA, the horrific incident took place on February 27, 2014, at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center in Georgia when Pickquet Agyeman, Nuckles, and Turman were recorded on a secret video surveillance camera laughing as Dempsey begged for help just before he died.

The damning video evidence surfaced in November 2017, leading to a criminal investigation which has now ended in the 3 “medical professionals” being held accountable, and rightfully so. Dempsey’s family filed a lawsuit against the care center and used the video as evidence of the murder.

Notably, Dempsey’s family had placed the camera in his room at his request because he was afraid of mistreatment. The placement of the video surveillance camera by Dempsey’s family was illegal.

However, that poor family would still be pleading with a court to bring these three demon-hags to justice if they hadn’t placed the camera in his room. Now, these women are all going to pay for what they did, and they should spend the rest of their lives behind bars for their heinous actions.

According to court documents, Pickquet Agyeman was charged with felony murder and neglect to an elder person. For her part in Dempsey’s death, Nuckles was charged with depriving an elder person of essential services, and nursing assistant Turman was charged with neglect to an elder person. All three of the women have been charged with concealing the death of another person.

The video footage shows Dempsey struggling and turning on the help call light. The nurses promptly told Dempsey to turn the light off as if he were wasting their time by asking for help. This visual alone is enough to infuriate anyone. I can’t imagine the rage and sadness that Dempsey’s family must feel after capturing such heinous acts on video.

The clip shows the victim gasping for air, but instead of receiving any help for his respiratory complication, his seat was simply re-positioned. “Help me…help me,” Dempsey pleaded a total of six times before he went unconscious.

The truly sickening part is that when the three women found Dempsey unconscious, they didn’t bother to perform CPR on him. One of the suspects is seen in the video bringing out an oxygen mask but instead of placing it on Dempsey’s face, she laid it next to his still body as the three women laughed together.

In another clip, nursing assistant Turman is captured changing Dempsey’s pillowcase instead of attempting to resuscitate him. A spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s Office named Yvette Jones told the New York Post that, “Video surveillance shows the patient suffering in respiratory distress and repeatedly calling out for help … Soon after his distress calls, the victim became unresponsive,” she said.

WXIA reports that state records indicate Dempsey was found unresponsive at 5:28 a.m. but medical staff did not call 911 until 6:25 a.m. They waited an hour before calling for help from emergency services. Not surprisingly, Nuckles tried to lie during her deposition in 2015, telling investigators that she started CPR right away and kept going until the EMT arrived in Dempsey’s room.

None of the women showed any concern for Dempsey’s well-being, and they are, in fact, responsible for his death. It’s sickening that individuals such as these were allowed to work in the healthcare industry where they victimized one of our beloved WWII veterans.

The video clip shows one of the women placing the oxygen mask on Dempsey’s face only after they are all done laughing at his misery.

Sadly, all three of the suspects continued to work for nearly three years after causing Dempsey’s death. It was only after WXIA delivered the shocking video footage to the Georgia Board of Nursing that the women surrendered their licenses.

Now, they will each spend a considerable amount of time behind bars for their despicable acts. Dempsey’s life could have been saved if they had shown even the slightest regard for his cries for help. Let’s hope that each of these monsters is treated with the same level of kindness in prison that they showed to James Dempsey.

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