NY Muslims FURIOUS After Seeing What Dirty Infidels Put In Public Sidewalk

NY Muslims FURIOUS After Seeing What Dirty Infidels Put In Public Sidewalk
Pictured: Muslims (stock, left and right), a public sidewalk (stock, center)

Muslims in New York are up in arms over something that has been around for a staggering 14 years. As it turns out, members of the Islamic faith learned what residents of the Big Apple had placed inside a popular public sidewalk – and they are downright furious about it, well over a decade later.

Nowadays, you can’t do anything without offending at least one person on the planet. Proving just that, Muslims in New York City are downright livid after members of the faith started to raise awareness about a display in the sidewalk “along Broadway from Battery Park to City Hall, installed in 2003 to honor every ticker tape parade to travel down that corridor,” according to Jihad Watch. Apparently, Muslims are now throwing a temper tantrum over a few names that are engraved in the granite markers inside of the walkway.

As it turns out, a few names seen are ones they consider sacred – such as Mohammad. Of course, the name depicted doesn’t represent their so-called “prophet” Muhammad but rather Mohammad Reza Pahlevi, the former Shah of Iran who took part in a parade on November 21, 1949, as part of the Big Apple’s “Canyon of Heroes.”

NY Muslims FURIOUS After Seeing What Dirty Infidels Put In Public Sidewalk
(Photo Source: New York Post)

Along with that name, Muslims are also whining about 11 others including Ibrahim, Ahmad, Hassan, and Ali. As the Islamists explain it, it’s an insult that people are trampling on the names, so they must be removed for that reason. However, they are even taking it one step further.

It is a hate crime and must be prosecuted,” Alina Nisar wrote on an online petition calling for the removal of the name Mohammad from the 200 names seen in the black granite, and no, that’s not a joke. “It really hurts the feelings of people of Muslim faith,” said Yasir Bhai, the treasurer for One Nation US and the person responsible for starting the petition last year. So, apparently, hurt feelings are a reason to spend tens of thousands of dollars and prosecute others. It sounds a lot like an attempt at Sharia law implementation, happening right in New York City.

In all, estimates suggest that it would cost about $10,000 to remove each name, making the total for the 11 names in the $110,000 ballpark – and that doesn’t even include what it cost to install them in the first place.

As it stands, Bhai’s petition has garnered a measly 700 signatures in hopes of swaying public opinion. Seeing how there are 8.4 million people living in New York City, well, let’s just say that 0.00008% isn’t anywhere near relevant enough to make an impact – and NY officials feel the same way.

“It was with the utmost respect…that we placed granite markers…to more permanently commemorate them,” said Jessica Lappin, President of the Alliance for Downtown New York. Unfortunately for the Muslims, they might as well take that as a firm no.

This world is getting out of control when it comes to the left and their constant push for political correctness. At the end of the day, this was meant to be a gesture of respect, but entitled Muslims want to make something out of nothing for the sake of throwing a hissy fit, expecting others to cave to their demands.

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