Muslim Brutally Beat His Wife, NY Police Refuse To Arrest Him When They Hear 2 Words

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Displeased with his wife, a man brutally beat her before calmly walking into a New York hospital as she pleaded with authorities for help. However, just as they were about to arrest the violent thug for domestic abuse, they determined that he won’t be charged because of 2 simple yet disturbing words.

Despite severely beating his wife, a Muslim man will not be charged because of 2 words told to the police. (Photos for illustrative purposes: Wikimedia Commons/Shannon Moore, Wikimedia Commons/Mohammed Tawsif Salam)

As Muslim migrants bring staples of their culture into the United States, we’re told that we must respect even the most inhumane actions solely because it is their religion. Female Genital Mutilation, wife-beating, child marriage, and rape are being thrust upon the West with the claim that cultural differences are to blame for these evils. Although there are plenty of liberal judges who’d hesitate to sentence even the most despicable of migrant criminals, there’s a loophole in our justice system that prevents justice-loving authorities from even charging violent Muslim offenders.

In the early morning hours of July 22, hospital staffers were shocked when a woman with significant injuries burst into the emergency room for medical assistance. The frantic woman immediately told workers that her injuries were caused by her husband, who had savagely beaten her to express his displeasure with her behavior. After calling the police, the woman and medical professionals were soon horrified to discover why authorities would not be laying a finger on the violent husband.

The New York Post reports that despite the female victim, 30-year-old Mezhgan Aini, pointing to her husband as the culprit, police refuse to arrest him because he has “diplomatic immunity” as a UN worker. Although he has been accused of beating his wife, Mohammad Yama Aini, 46, is virtually untouchable as he is a counselor to the Afghan Mission to the UN, leaving U.S. officials unable to charge him for his crimes.

“Obviously, [the wife] was hurt enough that she went to the hospital and the hospital felt compelled enough to notify the police,” a source told The Post. “I’m sure the hospital victims’ services referred her to get help. But if he’s not arrested, what can you do?”

Mezhgan stated that Mohammad grabbed her by the hair, slapped her body, and punched her face. She suffered swelling as well as pain and redness on her right eye.

Realizing that there is nothing New York officials can do, Mohammad took over the speaker system in the building in which he resides and mocked the failed investigation by making an untruthful statement to everyone on the premises.

“I think you have it wrong,” he said over the intercom at the building where he and his family live. “Nothing happened. The hospital is saying nothing happened, and the doctors and my wife say that nothing happened between us.”

After public outrage ensued, the Afghan government was forced to announce that it plans to summon home the New York-based diplomat for formal charges.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was informed about the issue through a letter received from Afghanistan’s office in New York,” Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Shekib Mustaghni told Tolo News. “The ministry wants to ask the diplomat to come to Kabul,” the spokesman said.

Unfortunately, little is expected to come from this, as domestic abuse is commonly overlooked in Sharia law courts. In fact, women find it difficult to even attain a divorce or charges against their husbands for physical abuse, as it is considered a Muslim man’s religious and legal right. In fact, Mohammad showcased his confidence in the Sharia court by smiling and ignoring reporters when asked if he knew that he’s being recalled to face possible charges.

Sharia law is based on the Quran and hadith and forms its legislation and sentences in regards to the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s interpretation of Allah’s words. As such, Quran 4:34 teaches that men are “in charge of women by right,” adding that righteous women are “devoutly obedient” to their husbands. The same scripture endows men with the divine responsibility to “beat” wives from whom they fear disobedience.

Showcasing his misogyny, Muhammad often criticized women in public, informing them that because they menstruate and because the Quran instructs that a woman has only half the worth of a man, women can never be as spiritual or intelligent as their male counterparts.

It was this teaching over 1,400 years ago that set the standard for Islam’s treatment of women. Because the prophet spoke and modeled this behavior, wife-beating can never be abrogated from the Quran, much less Sharia law. To say that domestic violence is un-Islamic is to say that the prophet was un-Islamic.

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