NY Gives Trump EPIC Send Off, But Obama Staffers Had Different Reaction

Donald Trump made the short plane trip from New York’s La Guardia Airport to Washington, D.C., and he got an epic send off from firefighters. It was a spontaneous event and a moment that Trump will never forget. However, Barack Obama’s staffers were freaking out as Trump made his way to the White House, and you’ll love how these events prove that the American people are back in control of our country.

Firefighters give President-elect Trump a water canon salute as he leaves to meet Obama at the White House.

It was a touching gesture as New York’s finest lined up along the runway as Donald Trump’s plane taxied to take off, taking him to meet with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office, which he will take control of in 72 days.

The New York firefighters arranged a water canon salute, which is their way of honoring him as a son of New York, taking off to assume the greatest office in the land — the American presidency.

“As the president-elect’s plane took off from LaGuardia Airport on Thursday morning — his first flight since winning the election — he received a water cannon salute on the tarmac. The ceremonial salute involved two fire trucks showering the plane in plumes of water that crisscrossed in the sky to form a makeshift arch. It is a common way to honor momentous occasions.” [via New York Post]


Unfortunately, at the White House, he is being met by liberal losers like Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s closest adviser who is known for her radical leftist views. If anyone influenced Obama to do all of his executive orders and pass Obamacare, it was Jarrett. She looked on yesterday as the president gave his remarks after the election about a smooth transition with Trump, and her look was like that of a ten-year-old bully who wants to pick a fight.

President-elect Donald Trump & President Barack Obama (left), Valerie Jarrett (right, circled ) looks on with other staffers with disdain at the thought of President-elect Trump.

If Jarrett thinks she is going to intimidate Trump, she is sadly mistaken, but unfortunately, she is not alone in her disrespectful demeanor and behavior. Other staffers looked pissed off too, while one was caught crying like the world is ending. Well, in all fairness, it is, for them. Trump coming to the White House means they are all out of jobs, and we couldn’t be happier.

Staffers at the White House react to the thought of President-elect Trump moving in. They will all be out of jobs on January 20th, 2017.

It must be difficult for Trump, as President-elect, to have to be face to face with Obama, who just over this last weekend was identifying Trump as a KKK clansman. Obama has stopped the rhetoric in public, and this morning’s meeting with Trump seemed to be cordial for the sake of a smooth transition.

Melania Trump had to meet with Michelle Obama, and actually, we feel sorrier for her. No one would want to spend lunchtime with Michelle, having to eat veggies out of her dopey garden, part of her “Let’s Move” program that caused American parents distress as kids got in trouble for bringing a Twinkie to school.

So, it’s happening, the Clintons have been retired from ever holding political office again, and the Obamas are getting ready to move out of the White House. After eight long, long years for those of us who have hated every day of Obama’s presidency, seeing Trump in that Oval Office was a site for sore eyes, for every true American patriot around the country.

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