NYC Terrorist Targeted Specific Area For Sneaky Reason, More Attacks Coming

NYC Terrorist Targeted Specific Area For Sneaky Reason, More Attacks Coming
Ahmad Khan Raham on the scene (left), One explosion site in NYC Raham created (center), Injured victim after explosion (right)

Of all of the areas to attack in New York City, bombs were strategically placed throughout the Chelsea district in Manhattan as opposed to even busier spots because they were after a very specific target. Now, another U.S. city is on high alert for what they have in common with exactly what this terrorist was seeking.

Authorities are still searching for Ahmad Khan Rahami, who is the Muslim suspected of placing pipe and pressure cooker bombs throughout this particular New York neighborhood Saturday which injured 29. Additional evidence about this attack has surfaced that is starting to sound all too familiar to another recent attack in a different state, and it could predict what’s to come next.

While liberals perpetuate the myth that Islam is the religion of peace, they ignorantly support terrorism against a section of their left-wing voters who are now turning on them for good reason. After Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 53 others at the gay nightclub attack/hate crime in Orlando, it appears that the Islamic State’s effort to obliterate homosexuals from the planet in the name of their religion rages on in New York City this weekend.

Manhattan’s Chelsea district is a predominately gay neighborhood with a large LGBT population. Knowing that Saturday night many of these people of a certain sexual orientation would be out on the town, the attacker strategically placed the explosive devices in specific areas to carry out ISIS’ radical interpretation of the Koran in what it says must be done to homosexuals actively involved in their sin.

According to Haaretz, the terrorist group believes that “gays should be thrown from a high building and stoned if they are not dead when they hit the ground.” While this gruesome punishment for their sexual orientation is regularly carried out by terrorists in the Middle East, here in America, radicalized Muslims seem to prefer killing several gays with one stone, so to speak, with the same religious purpose in mind as we saw at the Pulse nightclub and now in Chelsea.

Rahami came from Afghanistan and is in the U.S. as a naturalized citizen who reportedly has terror connections, which seems clear considering his target and bomb-making skills. He’s still on the loose and the FBI has warned New Yorkers to be on the lookout for him since he’s armed and dangerous. Across the country on the opposite coast, San Francisco is stepping up security to protect their city and residents, as the hub of homosexuality has reason to believe they could be hit next.

Many in the LGBT community have switched political parties after seeing that the left continues to make excuses for the terrorist group that’s specifically targeting homosexuals. They are seeing that Republican candidate Donald Trump will take assertive measures try to stop terrorism, while his counterparts sit back and refuse to even call these attacks acts of Islam and invite more refugees over to attack from within.