NYT Writer Blames ‘Weak Gun Laws’ For Mass Shooting In Gun-Controlled California

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A man, struggling with mental illness, opened fire in a Southern California country bar, killing 12 and injuring many more on Wednesday. As with all senseless tragedies involving firearms, liberals will try to exploit the innocent victims to push their unconstitutional gun control agenda. This mass shooting, however, presents a problem for the gun-grabbing left. It didn’t stop one New York Times writer, though.

California Mass Shooting (Photo credit: screenshot Fox news)

The shooting happened in California, a state with extremely tough gun laws, and the gunman used a legally purchased California-compliant weapon. But, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof doesn’t care that the draconian gun control laws of California failed to stop this rampage and is blaming the shooting on weak gun laws.

Fox News reports that 29-year-old former Marine Ian David Long shot and killed 12 people, including a responding Sheriff’s deputy, at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California, Wednesday night. When confronted by police resistance, Long apparently took his own life. It is reported that he used a .45-caliber Glock 21 handgun that was legally owned but had an illegal extended magazine.

Here’s the horrible thing the lying NYT hack Kristof had to say on the subject:

Weak gun laws? I guess he didn’t actually read The Washington Post article he linked in his tweet because, if he had, he would have realized the shooting took place in the virtual gun-free zone of California. These things are subjective, but California is generally regarded as having some of the toughest gun laws in the country.

California has at least 3 versions of an “assault weapons” ban in place. The state also bans normal-capacity magazines, has a waiting period to purchase firearms, has a licensing requirement to purchase firearms, has a safe storage law, doesn’t allow open carry, and barely grants concealed carry. Oh, and the state also has the mutha of all background check systems, which Kristof complained doesn’t exist.

California is the Democrats’ dream of a gun-controlled utopia. Well, actually their dream is to completely disarm the American population, but since they haven’t quite figured out a way around the 2nd Amendment yet, the state’s gun laws are what the left would like to impose on the entire country.

Kristof also managed to sneak his sheer contempt for our country into this factually-challenged tweet. He said mass shootings don’t happen in other “normal” countries, which is a lie, but it also implies that he thinks America is abnormal or bad.

The obvious solution to Kristof’s hatred of the US is for him to move to another more “normal” country. It’s unlikely he could get such a cushy job being so completely full of crap in one of these places, so he probably won’t. Besides, liberals exist only to complain, so they don’t want to live anywhere that meets their high standards of fascism and totalitarianism.

If California’s strict gun control laws are too weak, as Kristof states, that can only mean he believes much more restriction on gun ownership is needed. Democrats write and pass gun control laws, and when they fail to put a dent in crime, they pass some more. They will never be satisfied until private gun ownership is completely eliminated. More gun control won’t actually stop violent crime because criminals tend not to obey the law, but Democrats haven’t quite figured that out yet.

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