O.J. Gets Nasty Surprise From Nicole’s Kids That He Doesn’t Want The Parole Board To Know

Sydney Simpson (left), O.J. Simpson at parole hearing (middle), Justin Simpson (right)

O.J. Simpson was all smiles after the parole board at Lovelock Prison granted him early parole. The parole board grilled Simpson, who said, “I’ve never pulled a gun on anyone,” and, “My life has been conflict-free,” making people gasp in the gallery. Now, the Juice is getting a nasty surprise from his kids with Nicole Brown Simpson. Sydney and Justin Simpson are throwing a wrench in their father’s plans, and it’s something that may impact his early parole if the court finds out.

O.J. Simpson might be pulling a fast one on the parole board, or Nicole’s kids are pulling a fast one on him. Whatever the case, the infamous football player petitioned the parole board to move to the state of Florida upon his release. Only Arnell Simpson, his eldest daughter by his first wife, showed up to testify on his behalf, and it was assumed she lived in Florida. Nope, Arnell lives in Fresno. It’s Justin and Sydney Simpson, O.J.’s children with the late Nicole Brown Simpson, who live in Florida, and the parole board was adamant that O.J. must have family support wherever he goes.

TMZ caught up with Justin Simpson only 90 minutes after the news of his father’s parole broke, and Justin refused to say a word. Coming out of a Florida Walmart, Justin smiled but had no comment about his dad’s early release.

Sydney was caught at her St. Petersburg home on parole day, where she sat alone with her three dogs. The last several years has taken its toll. The Mirror reported back in March, “She was last seen in public back in February. Pictures published by RadarOnline appear to show Sydney carrying a large, empty bottle of Jose Cuervo tequila and a 12-pack box of Rolling Rock beer — although it’s not known if she drank them herself – and taking them to the bin outside her home.”

Sydney did graduate from Boston College and has her own company called “Simspy LLC.” Although it’s not clear what her business is, some say she is now working in real estate with her brother. They both live very modest lifestyles. They do not have a ton of cash, and they are working paycheck to paycheck.

O.J.’s big plan after he is paroled around October 1st includes Florida, and you guessed it, it’s for his own personal gain. It has nothing to do with Sydney or Justin living there. O.J.’s biggest problem is the 33.5 million dollar judgment Ron Goldman Sr. and the Brown family were awarded against him. Florida is one state where the Juice can purchase a home and it can’t be touched by that judgment.

“Florida is where ‘under the state’s homestead exemption, forced sale of residences can be blocked,’ Sports Illustrated explained. In other words, he [OJ] could own a home and not be forced to sell it to pay damages resulting from the civil suit,” reported Money Magazine. 

Justin Simpson (left), Nicole Brown Simpson (middle), Sydney Simpson (right)

If that doesn’t make you just a little angry, this will. Simpson will be getting $25,000 a month from his pro-football pension, and pensions can’t be touched to pay for judgments, either. So, here comes the wife beater/alledged heinous murderer to the Sunshine State, but we are wondering if the parole board contacts Justin and Sydney to vouch for their father, will they? It appears that Nicole’s kids want nothing to do with him and that nasty surprise might hinder the Juice’s big plans, we can only hope.

According to Radar Online, “Tanya Brown, Nicole’s sister, spoke out about what they [Justin and Sydney] endured and how they’ve moved on. ‘They’re in their late 20s. They’re professional. They’ve gone to college. They’re in relationships. They’re happy. They’re just like us. Quote unquote.'”

Justin and Sydney have had nine long years to contemplate what really happened to their mom, and it sure looks like they no longer want to have anything to do with their dad. As painful as that may seem, it’s good to know that Nicole’s kids will no longer allow their dad to use them. Here’s hoping the parole board finds out real soon.

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