After Oakland Mayor Warns Illegals, Lieutenant Governor of CA Issues Shocking Demand

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The country was stunned when Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf warned illegals of an impending ICE raid. Now, the lieutenant governor of California has announced an utterly shocking demand.

After Libby Schaaf defied federal authorities, the Lieutenant Governor of California made a shocking statement. (Photo Credit: Code for America/Flickr/Thomas Hawk/Flickr)

We cannot underplay the shocking betrayal by Libby Schaaf. This American mayor violated her oath to protect her city when he warned illegal aliens that ICE was going to conduct raids. She put the well-being of criminals and outsiders over those of American citizens.

Her warning gave illegal aliens a chance to elude federal law enforcement. It is reported that at least 800 illegals — who are known criminals with violent records — slipped through ICE’s sweep. This was all because of Schaaf’s despicable act. Not only that, but such a “warning” puts American lives in danger. Who knows what criminal aliens would do to avoid capture? The resulting panic could have hurt many Oakland natives.

Many people are saying her actions amount to obstruction of justice — a serious offense. Yet, instead of decrying her actions for the crime they were, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is actually applauding Schaaf. What’s worse, he is even calling on other leaders to follow her behavior.

It’s clear that California leaders have declared war and are openly defying the rule of law.

Gavin Newsom, California’s lieutenant governor and gubernatorial candidate, urged other local leaders on Sunday evening to follow Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and warn illegal immigrants in their communities of potential Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids.

“We can and must protect immigrant families from [President] Donald Trump’s mass deportations. I want to thank Mayor Schaaf for her courage and hope more local leaders will follow her lead,” Newsom, who has vowed to keep California a “sanctuary state,” reportedly said…

Schaaf said she was sending out the alert “not to panic our residents but to protect them.” The San Francisco Chronicle said Schaaf’s message was more than clear: “Not only will Oakland and its police force not cooperate with ICE, but the city will actively seek to thwart efforts to detain and deport” illegal immigrants. [Source: Breitbart]

Mayor Schaaf admits to openly defying the rule of law in the United States. What else can you call what she did? She actively sought to thwart efforts of law enforcement to capture criminals. That’s tantamount to treason.

What’s worse is what Lieutenant Governor Newsom is trying to do. He’s inciting other leaders to defy the federal government. Over what? Criminal aliens who peddle drugs, rape children, and murder anyone who gets in their way. Way to have your priorities straight, Newsom.

Notice the dishonest way Newsom colors the ICE raids. He claims President Donald Trump is pushing for “mass deportations” of immigrant families. Not once in the last year has ICE rounded up and deported families. Not once. Who are they capturing? Criminal aliens with violent records. People who have harmed innocent civilians. Drug dealers, gang members, and murderers. But, far be it for Newsom to stick to the facts! He pushes the same tired, pathetic, and dishonest narrative that the rest of the left pushes.

President Trump has never said he wants mass deportations of families. In fact, he’s working very hard to find a way to help immigrant families find a path to citizenship — even if that upsets some Americans. His focus has always been on getting rid of violent criminals who disrespect our country.

Liberals have twisted his agenda to manipulate immigrants. They want people to think Trump is a heartless racist. Then, that justifies shocking criminal acts, like Libby Schaaf’s warning. In her warped mind, she’s doing the “right” thing. But, she is only jeopardizing the safety of everyone in Oakland and violating the law.

Schaaf and everyone else who aims to do that must be prosecuted. She obstructed justice, betrayed her city, and endangered many. Newsom wants to fan those flames. According to some experts, this resembles the actions of the Confederates, right before the Civil War.

John Yoo, who served in the Bush Justice Department, said “state officers cannot obstruct federal law,” adding that “we had a civil war over this.” [Source: The Political Insider]

So, how far will liberals go to obstruct the Trump administration? They already want him impeached. Democrats have tried to overthrow our democracy time and again over the last few years.

Now, we have California leaders openly calling on others to oppose the federal government in treasonous acts. Where will it end?