Obama Cancels 30-Year Rule To Please Muslims In U.S. Military

It’s unfortunate that President Barack Obama still has power, and his most recent actions prove exactly why. As it turns out, the man decided to nix a 30-year ban by gifting Muslims in the U.S. Military with something unique – and it was previously in place for good reason.

The outfits worn by our brave men and women in the military are perhaps the most esteemed and notable uniforms here in America. However, like everything else, Obama is seeking to change that in order to shove his beliefs down the throats of all Americans.

Proving just that, to appease Muslims, the soon-to-be former president decided to undo a 30-year ban put in place by the military – go figure. According to Army Times, “Observant Sikhs and conservative Muslim women are now able to wear religious head coverings” while in uniform.

Furthermore, Sikh and Muslim men will also be “allowed to maintain their beards” as well. A ban was placed on the practice in the 1980’s, and only members of the previously listed two faiths will be allowed such accommodations as Obama has most recently lifted it. Of course, it doesn’t take much to see why this is a problem, and one created out of ill-founded bias at that.

Just Before Leaving, Obama Nixes 30 Year Ban For Muslims In U.S. Military
Barack Obama (left) undoes 30-year ban, allowing Sikhs (right) and Muslims to wear a turban/hijab and have a beard while in uniform.

After all, a simple flip of the page in a dictionary would show you that the definition for the word uniform – whichever definition you look at – is rather precise. When talking about an outfit, it is defined as a “distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization.” When using the word in its adjective form, it means “not changing in form or character; remaining the same in all cases and at all times.”

In short, it means they all look alike, all the time. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it – or so it should be. However, because Obama has got his filthy hands on yet another beloved American custom, he’s decided that the very small minority is more important than the group as a whole.

Sadly, he’s set a precedent here that will likely change the face of military dress code regulations for good. Before long, everyone will be crying out for religious accommodations with some potentially even making stuff up. And, the worst part? They’ll have to comply because they already did for one group.

The fact of the matter here is that Sikhs, Muslims, and every other military member belonging to a religion knew exactly what they were getting into and what would be expected of them while they were in the service. To whine and complain after the fact is beyond asinine. However, the only thing that made that worse is the leader of the free world bending over for a bunch of entitled brats. It’ll be nice to have a real leader in the Oval Office again – that’s for sure.

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